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Audiology and Hearing Aid Acoustics

Allen and Vickie, the personnel, always told me everything. Really appreciate the services I get when I get to the station. Listening after so many years of bad listening is fantastic. Humans here are so first class and so are Avada listening devices.

I never have a dilemma when I have a question, they are very willing to help me. I' d suggest Avada to anyone with a listening disorder. I' ve had a lot of good experience in the Avada Bureau here in Laurinburg. In the last few years I have bought three kits of listening devices.

Employees here were very supportive, always proffesional and obliging. I' ve probably been a resident at the Laurinburg Avada Hospital for about 6 years. My services and support at the Laurinburg Hospital far exceed those I have got elsewhere. Working with me to get the best results with my instrument for my state.

The Laurinburg Avada Bureau is recommended for your listening needs. With the help I got at the Avada hearing care center in Laurinburg, NC, I was very satisfied. About 5 years ago I bought my instruments there and was satisfied with the results. Avada people are very friendly and polite with every visitor.

I' d suggest it to anyone with a hearing loss. About 10 years ago I got my first instruments and always found Avada staff there. And I knew that I could rely on her kindness and care for all the issues I had come across. Her interest and worry result in a full and exhaustive examination of the issue.

I am questioning my experiences, because with my new equipment I can at last listen to my woman. Most men know this can be a biggie! Not anymore, "I didn't heard you. I had a great time visiting Avada. It was a beautiful, neat place. Avada will be a great recommendation to my relatives and my mates.

Janice and I came to the Avada Listening Center in December 2015. Both of us have auditory issues. Avada employees were very supportive, very kind and give you a good feeling. Our company was equipped with listening devices and we were very satisfied with the services. We' ve had a great Avada adventure and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Thanks, Avada. I' ve been getting advertisements from auditory device manufacturers for years because I was always "hard of hearing". "I' ve got an Avada date with Asheboro, NC at last and my lifestyle has turned. Because I knew I spoke more loudly than normal and had difficulty listening to conversation, but after taking the listening test and missed 8 out of 10 words, I was confident that I needed help.

As I tried the devices, I was surprised at what I could see from the climate control in the shed. Because I know that listening devices are costly, I really needed them and I get along with them and tell all my buddies about them. Yeah, my Avada experiences are great.

When I first came to Avada over four years ago, I didn't know I had lost my ear. When I am a man who goes to churches and preaches and loves, I must listen to God's words. I had a good first set of aids, but I want to say that the one I have now is great.

My ear can be adjusted so that the TV or the radios or the crowd don't have to scream. When I got into my vehicle, I could listen to the motor idling and the turn signal "clicking". This was the loudness control that we always had to use so that I could wear and listen.

Now I let them turn the sound down to a pleasant low, and I was really horrified and a little awkward that I hadn't noticed how serious my issue had been over the years. I now listen to my favourite TV shows, and I can even listen to important business gatherings.

At first I came to Avada because I could listen to the words, but I just couldn't comprehend them. My new face-to-face listening devices allow me to listen to my boyfriends, colleagues and my relatives again... just like before! Avada's employees are great. Allowing me to try out their own individual instruments before I made my decision to buy them.

Now I know I made the right choice with Avada. When you have trouble listening to the words, but just don't understand them, I ask you to allow Avada employees to verify your pitch. Not only am I very satisfied with the products, but also with the help we have had from you as our Avada agent.

Ann has heard aids from another firm, so we were able to talk about which ones best fit our needs. Sometime in the near term, we want to buy Avada instrumentation for Ann. So many things have Avada altered for me that I no longer have to ask folks to replicate and replicate!

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