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Take a look at the Beginners Guide to buy Web Hosting & Domain from Godaddy. "They make the purchase easy and the user interface is very user-friendly.

As one buys hosting on Godaddy in the next 5 min?

GOODADDY is one of the leading hosting company in the wide range of the globe and provides all kinds of hosting and domain names for people like you and me. When you buy hosting for the first and foremost, I am sure you will have some issues in your head. I will give you a step-by-step instructions in this tutorial to buy hosting from Godaddy.

Godaddy also provides free domains for certain hosting schedules. When you want to make the most of your hosting purchases, I would suggest buying hosting for a longer time. Prior to purchasing hosting from Godaddy, you must complete these two questions: When you use WordPress (it provides 22% of the website in the world), you need to buy WordPress hosting that is operated by Godaddy.

When it is not WordPress, you can buy the general hosting plan from Godaddy. It is also necessary to choose the hosting plan according to your hosting request. A starter hosting plan, for example, is good for a website. A Basic WordPress hosting packet is good for a WordPress page. Once you've answer both these short question and you' ve determined which hosting plan you need to buy, let's go ahead and obey the step-by-step instructions to buy your first web hosting from Godaddy.

I only had to hoster one website (which you are currently reading) in my case, so I chose the Personal WordPress hosting suite. I only got $3. 99/month which is one of the lowest priced good value hosting packages I could buy at that time. Go to this hyperlink and click on Websites & WordPress above.

Choose the hosting plan you want to purchase. I bought the Basic WordPress hosting suite in my case. On the next page, choose the hosting plan name. I' d suggest buying it for 12 month as there is no rebate on hosting extensions. The Godaddy provides a free e-mail in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365.

Stage 3: If you want to create an e-commerce website, choose SSL Certificates. Get a free domainname: If you have chosen a one-year hosting like me, you can get a free domainname with your hosting. Please fill in the name of the free domainname on this page.

co, . net and . org free domains. After you have chosen the domainname, click Next. Although Godaddy is familiar to and known for its service to hundreds of million of users, you need to know that Godaddy is infamous when it comes to upselling. Lots of people buy add-ons and never use them.

Please click on Go to check out and here you have to register your hostingccount. When you already have a Godaddy Money Balance, you can sign up and start saving with it. Pay for hosting: After you have set up the bankroll, the next stage is the transfer. The Godaddy is one of the few hosting companies that support a variety of different modes of payments.

According to your wishes you should choose the mode of payments and make the payments. Once you have completed the checkout, you can begin to build your WordPress page on Godaddy. You' ll see a monitor where you can administer your WordPress hosting, click on it and download WordPress. This is a better -understood videotape guide:

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