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Begin downloading stock images and videos now with one of our cheap and convenient photo credits or subscriptions. The Google Lens in Images detects items you might want to buy. For the first time, the firm heralded Google Lens and an artifical image and video intel ligentsia system for Google I/O in 2017, but since then it has introduced the technology into the Google Pixel Cameras, the Google Assistant and more. Now Google Lens will be included in another Google service: Images from Google. That year was already a big year for Google Images.

Previously, Google heralded a Google Images facelift designed to use a new rank engine to help consumers find what they were looking for more quickly. Now with lens integrations, Images is adjusted to make it even more useful. The lens works similarly to other Google search engines, the system can now detect images as well.

Knowing this, you can "draw" something that interests you, or click on the points that refer to an item in an Image, whereupon images of information about that item emerge from across the web. The aim of Len' in Images is also to help people find things they want to buy more quickly.

Google's example is that you may find a picture of a settee that you like, but you don't know exactly what it is or where to buy it. Then you could sketch around the sofa or click on the point in the picture and then go to pages to find out more about the sofa and maybe even buy it.

The Google link in images is now available in English language in the USA, but Google says that it will soon be introduced in other markets, tongues and plattforms. It is expected that the objective will remain an integral part of other Google solutions. It is already available in Google Assistant, which allows the user to point the wizard to an item or position in near time and then the wizard displays information about the item or position.

In addition, you can find the lens in Google Photos and in the camera application on Google Pixel phones. It' also available under iPhone so if you're an iPhone customer, you can try Lens yourself in the Google Assistant application.

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