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What domain should I buy? Purchase a Mac or iPad Pro for college. Get answers to your purchase questions. Sell and buy your used mobile phones and electronics.

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When it has been less than an hours since your order and the vendor has not yet shipped the product, you can choose to void your order yourself. Otherwise, you must notify the vendor and ask them to void it for you. With Best Offer in place, you can quote the vendor a retail value that you are willing to buy it now.

It is up to the vendor to decide whether to take up, refuse or refuse your bid. We make sure that you either get the ordered article or get your moneys back. In the event that your product reaches us with damage or a defect, you can give it back for a full refund. Please contact us for a full refund. When you have made a change of heart and want to ship them back, you can ask the vendor to confirm that they will do so.

When you have asked your salesperson for help with a issue and he is unable to solve it for you within 3 working days, you can ask us to help you. When you have sent a query to inform the vendor that you have either not received your order or the article does not correspond to its specification, you can review the progression as it is solved.

In the event that you disagree with our determination after we have intervened to help solve a problem between you and a vendor, you may lodge an appeals by submitting new information within 30 workingdays after the conclusion of the case. When you need to return an article to the vendor, there are several ways to return the article to the vendor.

Whose costs for the repatriation depends on why you send it back and on the seller's returns policy. Please note that the costs of the repatriation vary from country to country. When your article has not been received, has been broken or has appeared incorrectly, or if you simply want to send it back, let the vendor know so he can help you. In case you are unable to solve your problem with the vendor, we will be happy to help you at any time.

You can see all the feedbacks you have receive and given to others in your feedbacks section. You can also track the remaining feedbacks, make changes or comment from there. If you provide your own personal feed-back, inform others about your shopping experiences with a salesperson. As a rule, this means giving good advice in order to recognise a sale.

If something did not go as smooth as anticipated, however, you can post a bad review or comments. When this happens and the salesperson does not believe that the feed-back was honest, he has the opportunity to deny it.

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