Buying a Domain on Godaddy

Buy a domain at Godaddy

Yes, you can buy a domain from GoDaddy (or another domain registrar) and then host it on HostGator (or elsewhere) if you wish. What about WHOIS it, if not GoDaddy own company Domain's By Proxy? Buy your own domain name from a registrar like GoDaddy or

Have you got your website domain? Frequent mistakes by hotel owners

Their website-domain is for your hotels unbelievably valuably. It' is part of your IP, indispensable for your online merchandising activities and contributes to increasing sales through instant mail. Since it is so precious, we cannot emphasize enough that it is necessary to possess YOUR OWN DOMAINE. It' s a big error too often made by a hotelier - they trust someone else to buy their domain name for them and end up in a jam.

As an example, they can acquire a website domain by purchasing a property. Or, ask your agent or web designer to buy a domain name for them as they create a new website. There are a number of problems associated with domain possession. When a third person buys your domain name, you do not own it from a technical point of view.

So, if you ever left your agent, change your website provider, or loose contact with your former hotelier, you could also loose your website domain name. Actually this has happend to one of our clients, a Comfort Suites real estate in Utah. But the domain name still belonged from a technical point of view to the former owners.

As you can see, this situation could be even more serious if your website service or web design company owns your domain name. They could keep you basically trapped if the relation is angry, for afraid to lose your website connection.

Shall I buy a domain name from my web host?

Shall I buy a domain name from my web host? Would it be better to buy a domain name from a web host or domain name register? Depending on your unique needs, it can be a great way to get your domain name from a web host... But not always.

Here is why you should and shouldn't buy a domain name from your web hosting business. If you are on the website domain name marketing side, of course you need web hostings as well. You can either (a) get the domain name and web site from two different organizations, or (b) get them both from the same organization - your webmaster.

It is interesting to note that almost all major domain name registries now provide web hostings. That means that even if you go to a business like GoDaddy - known especially for domain registrations - you can still manage with a single package of domain and web hostings.

They can go to a well-known hosters and get the same bundled packet from them as well. Are you buying a domain name from a web host or domain name registration agency? Briefly, getting your domain name and the hosting from the same place may indeed be less expensive, but that will depend on the particular firm you are choosing.

In order to give you an impression of what kind of pricing we are discussing, here is a fast chart showing what the most beloved domain name registrars and hosters have to offer: Here are the starting rates for hosted services from the same companies: Below are the domain registry rates with each of the listed companys, if you also get your Hosting from them:

For example, if you get a com domain name and GoDaddy hostings, you will be charged $47.88 for the first year in all. Conversely, if you get the same. com from Namecheap and then an entry-level SiteGround host, your overall bill will be $58.09 for the first year.

What is difficult is that although price levels for the first year tended to be attractively priced, they could rise as soon as the second year was over. E.g. with Namecheap you can get a. Clubs domain name for $0. 88 and catering for $9. 88 a year as you walk through the door. Your name is $0. 88.

Instead, what you should do is find out who is offering the best WordPress web site that you can buy, and only then look at the company's domain registry choices. If, for example, you choose that SiteGround is what you want, the next thing you should do is review the price of registering domain names with SiteGround.

Once this prize is something with which you agree, you can get both the domain name and the host from them. lf not, get the domain from someone else. Every other enterprise is equally subject to this requirement. What do you want to do with your domain name once you have it?

Of course, the most frequent thing you can do after getting your fingers on a new domain name is to create/launch a website - and you need a web host next to the domain name to do that. I' m sure this won't be surprising, but buying a domain name from your web host is much more comfortable.

Most of the time, the organization will take charge of the domain name connection and webhosting for you. Dependent on the firm you choose to hoster your website with, they can also download an empty WordPress for you - which means you only need to download one design and a few plug-ins, and then start using your website right away.

However, if you want to buy the domain name from a different domain holder, you may be compelled to link the domain and the host itself. Admittedly, that's not really hard, and the technical staff at both companies should be glad to help you find out, but it's still something you need to do instead of having someone else do it for you.

In general, it's more comfortable to get your domain name and your web site from the same organization, provided you want to buy a unique domain so you can start a unique web site. There is one more thing that refers to the ease of buying a domain name from a web hosters compared to a domain name registrar:

Some registrars and hosters do not allow you to registrate every domain TLD. Only to give you an example if you think DreamHost has the flawless hosting plans for you, but you also want one. it website domain for your Italians, then bad luck: DreamHost does not endorse this TLD.

then you can registrate it with any domain registration company in the world. Last, but not least, we have the issue of what could go awry with your domain name and your hostings. If we are talking about the couple of your website domain name and your web host facility, the domain name is the item you are much less likely to be unhappy with.

First, domain name is a highly regulated area. There is an organisation known as Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Numbers (ICANN) which oversees the overall domain registrar registry process and governs domain Registrars to a certain degree. Even considering what domain name actually is - web address referring to and identifying web sites (a very simplistic definition: here's a better definition) - it's very unusual for a domain name to suddenly stop working.

So long as you are paying your yearly domain registry invoices, your domain will work well in 99% of cases. But the history with webhostering can be different. First, hosted is in no way a controlled open space so your performance may differ for some hosted systems. And if you ever want to switch to another hosted service, it's much simpler if you purchased your domain name and your hosted service initially from different organizations.

The only thing you need to do is just modify the name server setting of the domain and you're done (your initial registrar will let you know how this works, so don't worry). Obviously, the more you focus on making the right provisioning decisions in advance - depending on your needs, what you need the provisioning for, what kind of website you want to start, and so on - the more likely you are to end up with an overall great long-term provisioning set-up.

Here is a tutorial on how to select the best WordPress web site for you. When you want to publish your first WordPress site under a new domain name, get the domain and web site from the same organization. Begin your web site hosted - research what is available on the web (here is some help) and select the best web site for your needs, then get the domain from the same name.

Obtain the domain names and web site services from independent providers. Ideally two companies: Your domain names from one side and your hostings from the other. It gives you more room to move around and customize your overall set-up if your targets should shift or something happens. Because I believe that both approachs-purchasing your domain name and having it hosted by the same organization compared to two different companies-have their place, and the right choices depend only on your needs.

Buy your next domain name from a web host or domain name registration agency?

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