BuySite | Financial Services | The University of Chicago BuySite, the University's web-based online ordering system, is an order creation, submission, approval and order history management system. BuySite identifies normal orders and subsequent orders by providing the original "G" character string followed by a six-digit number. standing orders are indicated by the letters "U" followed by a six-digit number.

BuySite, which uses a trolley method, allows the user to choose goods, check the product chosen, make any necessary changes or supplements and make a query for the goods to be purchased in the basket. Further functions are the processing of the basket of goods, the historical order requests, the administration of the favorites, the order pursuit and the notification by e-mail. Divisions are responsible for checking requirements, obtaining the permission of the bank officer, issuing and checking all orders electronically.

Orders / Purchases | Financial services

An Order (PO) is a trade paper prepared by the University of Chicago and sent to a supplier, specifying the type, quantity and price agreement for a product or service provided by the University' s vendors. Before the order is placed, an order request (PR) is sent via BuySite - the university's web-based online ordering system.

Comes from the division that needs the goods or service and includes a specification, amount of goods or service to be bought, bank number, and amount of dollars. For more information about the ordering procedure, please use the extra link on the right or go to the menu on the right.

Visit Shibboleth on Saturday, October 21 | Financial Services

Saturday, October 21, the BuySite log-in website will change its Web site location to use the university's unique sign-on feature to further improve our networking experience and secure our information. On October 21, this shared adress will be rerouted when implementing SSO. Perform this measure before October 21 and the move to SAP Business Server will run smoothly.

If you have any queries or need help, please call the Shared Services Office Helpdesk (773-702-5800). If you have any queries or need help, please call the Shared Services Office Helpdesk (773-702-5800).

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