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We offer our customers numerous alternatives that offer both the possibility to enjoy a delicious cooked slice of bread as well as a delicious dish of the kitchen proposed by the head cook. The menu offers a wide selection of pizzas and typical Italian dishes; all dishes are prepared with care and originality, taking into account the choice of raw materials.

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Homepage - Family Chiropractic & Massage - Enderlin, North Dakota

Driving the shared goal of empowering communities to improve their healthcare, we are developing new ways to tackle difficult ailments. With all our heart we believe in the principle of chiropractic: the force that makes up the human organism will heal the human organism, the cure will come from top to bottom. If your body's functionally physiologic system works at its peak, you can achieve optimum heath.

You can help us help you improve your healthcare, and by refering your patient to us, you help others. It is the whole point of our work to help you rebuild your soundness. We are your coach and companions on your trip to your home. Our aim is to work with all bodily functions.

Everyone must be approached to fully articulate one' s well being. Physical function is the parameters of the specialised activity and task in which the human organism is active. At Family Chiropractic & Massage we try to know where the human organism is at the present time and help it to get back to a normal physiological state before it becomes ill.

Dr. Maggie is soft and enlightening as she investigates to find out exactly what worries us or causes our unease, not always physically, sometimes emotionally. I wish we had Dr. Maggie down here in Georgia! Some of my boyfriends were telling me about Dr. Maggie and suggesting that I meet her for some backache, and I was sceptical, to put it mildly.

With only a few dates and sessions with Dr. Maggie, I wonder why I have stunned my legs for so long. For many years I have been getting regular chiropractic sessions, always with the same results; I immediately felt well after the session, but within a single daily period I have the same old pain.

I' m not quite sure how or what Dr. Maggie does, but I haven't felt that good in years. I' m also struck by how noninvasive Dr. Maggie's treatment is. It is not only the chronical pain that has disappeared, but also my general well-being has drastically increased. Surprised at the way I felt, I referred Dr. Maggie to several of my boyfriends, relatives and co-workers.

Thanks to my friend who referred me to Dr. Maggie. The first time I saw Dr. Maggie was on September 29, 2003. Doctor Maggie did an interview with me, reviewed me, adapted me. When I begin to crave too much sweet and savory food, I go back to Dr. Maggie and she gives me a cure that soothes the desire.

Thank God every single night I saw Dr. Maggie and got help with my heath. Following a disastrous crash, Dr Peterson assisted me in learning how to get my physique back on track.

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