Cafe Church Themes

Café Church Themes

Topic - Mountains and valleys. Adoration Concepts - Cafe Church Leeds Service In the beginning there were a number of issues for debate on our desks. In Luke 10:1-11 we are reading the mission from the 70s and then turn to the question. Why did you send out the '70s before Jesus? What makes you think Jesus is telling them not to go from door to door?

She had built a maze in the area of the band and we were emboldened to go and hang out for some quality to go when we had enough to eat cakes. There were a number of brief biblical references and reflective issues around the maze. Passage through the history of Jesus who calmed the tempest.

How does Jesus call you to leave your comfortable area? What was Jesus doing asleep, when his buddies were in fear and peril? Did you ever have the feeling that Jesus was not there? Jesus hesitated to use his might over the tempest until his followers asked him? What makes you think Jesus doesn't always immediately soothe our winds?

Who' s Jesus to you? In the middle of the maze was a handicraft business (Emma finally led!). Afterwards we followed our way out of the maze back to more espresso and cakes and a great debate about the different things we had thought about. And Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life".

It took the concept of cards and handbooks as the things that help us orient ourselves in the universe and give us orientation, and considered how Jesus could do this for us. Keeping in mind where Jesus was and how our relation with him was helping to understand the card was the keys to the card.

Many of us are acquainted with the concept of the Way of the Cross and use it to think about the passion of Jesus. Working with a similar concept, we concentrated instead on the resurrection as we carried on our research into Jesus' proverbs "I am". Then we received the stories of Jesus and Lazarus to reread and then directions for the night.

We had some big issues to think about and the talk was flowing as we were asked to really investigate what the revival means to us in our everyday life. While we are continuing our research on Jesus, Vicky says that she was helping us to research "I am the good shepherd". Quickly we began to talk about the meaning and omnipresence of Sheep and Jesus by using the things he and others were acquainted with to convey God's idea.

Joe proposed that it was because pastoral work was an all-encompassing occupation - one must do it even on the day when one does not long for it, as opposed to the more episodic craftsmanship of joinery. It began with a debate about the different biblical verses that talk about it.

Jesus is presented in the Bible of John in the first episode as the real ray of hope that comes into the earth to illuminate everyone, a ray that cannot conquer the dark. Jesus later in the Bible makes it clear that he is this kind of man (John 8:12). Our interest was to investigate the differences in the Good News of Matthew.

Jesus here says to the followers that they are the lights of the earth (Mt 5:14-16). By throwing around the question of whether we have the candle of Christ within us, whether we have our own candle, which God gives us, or whether we act as thinkers and reflect the flame of Christ as we turn to Him.

At the second stop there was a very easy tablet for voice tapers, with an invite to lighting a candlestick and praying. It was remembered that even in the midst of great dark the flame of the lamp still burned bright and that the form of its lamp had been a lamp in its being. Beyond form, they sketched ways in which they could be lights to the earth, and Malcolm Guite's verse "I am the Light," which summarized many of the themes researched in the various wards.

Perhaps God tried to manifest His wisdom and, as the verse says, "call me back to you" again and again. A new semester of our first cafe church and a new university year saw us visit again what we think church is. Finally we made our way to the band to discover a maze.

Maze was exploring what church was. A map at the entry explaining the use of the maze and the construction of the café's church was also displayed. Let us see how the communions in which we participate are changed by the strength of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit....

We try to experience our call to be followers of Jesus Christ...while we are doing this, we know that we are being transformed! There were 4 stops in the maze, each of which explored one of these issues (the fifth - the relationship demanded that we return to our own cup of tea and share our experience and thoughts with others).

Reflecting the offerings given to Jesus and the offerings he gives us. In the middle of the maze, the 4th stop reflects that it is the follower of Christ. We had a scripture that covered the call of the first followers, and then some question and action to help us think.

Why did the followers abandon to Jesus? Which things did you abandon to following Jesus? This year, what does it mean to succeed Jesus at the University? Think about your bravery to obey Jesus - where could it lead you? Pray God to give you encouragement to walk in the steps of Jesus.

When we came back from the maze, our conversation was usually wide-ranging and ranged from lighthearted to a profound challenge of how to meet God and our eye for the cafe church in this concept.

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