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CaféHouse is a WordPress theme specifically designed for cafes, bars and restaurants. Twenty of the world's most stunning themed cafes Cafe ( also known as coffeehouse ) is a place where a person can buy a cup of tea, a beverage and/or a meal. However, if the only thing those shopkeepers did was food and water in those stores, Starbucks wouldn't be a multi-billion dollars deductible. Cafes have become a place where you can enjoy a cup of tea and a cup of tea.

In many cafes the hammock has become a topic. Shown above is the hammock cafe Penang from Malaysia. There is a large selection of crepes, complete dishes and lots of deserts. It is a great place to relax for college kids and anyone else who just wants to relax. In addition, the gentle highlights and earthy colours lend the coffee shop a very down-to-earth flair and make Starbucks appear too narrow and formally compared to them.

L'Heureux in Montreal, Canada, is just one of many example chat rooms for kitty cafes. In terms of the well-being of the kittens, the restaurant has set open policies and guidelines while at the same time maintaining respect for the personal safety and hygienic standards of each one. There are two areas in the café: a snack bar, where you can eat in silence or drink a cup of hot water.

Toronto, Canada, makes it great and hosts occasional activities that are great for lovers, as the employees continually work with the local communities to create the city's preference for boardgames. There is a complete selection of meals and beverages in the cafe. In autumn 2010 Snakes & Lattes opened in the town as the first Brettspielcafé in North America.

Renovated from a café-house, the deductible has now developed into a much larger place suitable for tableware, producing its alcohol colleagues Snakes & Lagers. Alice in a Labyrinth here brings the imagination to a whole new plane, even for the craziest conditions in Japan.

Indeed, there are some Alice in Wonderland thematic café-restaurants in Tokyo, but this one stands out for its uniqueness. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, Caffera shouts as the subject motivates millennials to take hundred of pictures of your coffee. It concentrates on classic cinematography and filming. Buckets consist of photographic objectives (real lenses) and lamps as well.

Pupils will love this cafe as much as their self and instagram. At least it's in Japan (where else, right?). The Robo Cafe is aimed at ensuring that our online buddies perform services, minimising the need for work. Apart from that, the Robo coffee shop in Shinjuku County is to be landscaped with small vertical paths that lead from the galley to all the desks where a small crew of waiters' robotics will run around when called by people.

Ageing people like Japan need all the hand they can get, even if these hand are robot-like. Dinner in the Sky, more a place to eat than a café shown here, is in Las Vegas, USA, and has become one of the most trendy places to go for fans of foods and excitement lovers respectively.

Meanwhile, the event location has grown to over 45 nations, among them the USA, Japan, Australia and even the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and South Africa. Headquartered in Eliat, Israel, the world's first marine Red Sea Star dive center is the ideal place for those of us looking for a remote retreat that is not in a Caribbean Sea Island Tampon Card Village.

What about a pinch of flushing with your coffe? Vassalboro Grand View Cafe in Maine was equipped with a waiter service crew of men and woman of the highest standard. Rather, the cafe itself was a bar with your typical bar dishes such as poultry wing, French fry and draught beers. It specialised in Fingerfood like nachos, spindle, artichoke and even Asiatic Knödel.

Enjoy it. Tokyo makes its third listing in the Tokyo collection with the compelling appeal of this chocolate-inspired coffee, 100% candy. The coffee shop, which is associated with Meiji, Japan's biggest producer of chocolates, does credit to its name. You will find a variety of sweets, beverages on the basis of solid monoliths of hot and cold chocolates and various other types of hot and cold sweets on the comprehensive menue.

Inside, the lighting is soft and the colours in black and blue lend the coffee shop a contemporary, museum-like flair. The sweatshop is generally taboo, but the sweatshop cafe in Paris, France, linked the stitching adventure with the coffee environment. Unfortunately it was closed, but at its climax the cafe opened in the fashionable quarter Canal Saint Martin.

It was opened so that prospective sewers and amateurs could practise their craft and at the same time enjoy all the good delicacies and espresso the coffee had to sell. Among other things, the coffee shop was an inspiration to reunite human beings with the pleasures of stitching. Blend a nursery with a cafe and that's what you get: the Piccolo child cafe ( picture above) in Seoul, South Korea.

VONSUNG is a cooperation between a team of Corean and London-based designer and VONSUNG London, who took care of the packaging and packaging of the cafe. However, this place looks more like an IKEA catalog than a real cafe. The cafe is designed for West European visitors, with British meals as distinct from KORYO.

D'espresso Cafe above New York City was unfortunately shut down, but its multi-dimensional library-inspired décor will continue to exist forever in Google searching. To convey this disorientated atmosphere is exactly what the coffee shop wanted. It would have been the ideal coffee shop for anyone who regularly felt uncomfortable, or for those who wanted a spin of creativity like this.

Otherwise, the coffee shop was only a blocks away from the New York Public Library, where the bookcases were more erect and common. Tetsu's Uncle owns the cheese cake community and now heads the Japan servant girl greetings in Canada with Tetsu's Uncle Angel Cafe in Toronto, Canada, in the up-and-coming Little Japan neighborhood right in the center of the city.

Quite roomy with a two-storey structure, the coffee shop can accommodate up to 72 guests on the second storey, including cabins, sofas and tableware. Seems like the ideal place to see other eye kings or just a place where you can get some tough maccha and cake. It is Thailand's copy of a craft coffee shop named Big Knit Cafe.

Apart from the jokes, the coffee was inspiring by the creative spirit and enthusiasm of its clients. As for the coffee itself, it is known for bringing out some savoury choices that give the impression of the "home cooking" of the mother. When you' re home sick, this coffee shop is just like the ideal bar. Bipolar of Manila (VGIB), the Philippines is like what happens when crazy artistic concepts are burned in a cafe.

VGIB isn't just about esthetics; the coffee shop aims to help care for the spirit, limb and spirit, focusing on a health-conscious diet that ranges from spiced tea and bio-meat to odd brandies. It' s devoted to its wholesome and spiritually themed cafés, complemented by art accents that even make the menus look like a novel.

Altogether, we have a cafe that is not only externally artistical, but is entirely committed to acting as an institutional space for people facing gentle individual problems. Vampire Cafe in Tokyo, with its forth listing, is the place where Halloween takes place again and again. The Diamond Dining run coffee shop is housed in an otherwise common looking edifice, but the furnishings have caught the creepy subject so well that if Dracula woke up here he would be at home.

It is a great place to take your favorite fang (Twilight-exempted) everywhere. Simply come in with a crucifix, a little bit of cloves of garlic und a little bit of Holy Waters if there is a genuine Vice Preserver. Café la Miell in Niihama, Japan, looks more like a movie theater or a James Bond hidden place than a true café.

The Niihama coffee shop in Ehime, Japan, did not have the place to satisfy everyday people. In order to compensate for this, the coffee shop was to be extended across the road to accommodate a further 80 people. Its sloping top has a shingled cladding on the outside and semi-glass ceiling, complemented by the bright lighting, gives this coffee shop a more refined look than most art venues imaginable.

In Okinawa, Japan, the Naha harbor diner is nearest to a tree house cafe. There is a picturesque panoramic views over the harbour from one side of the coffee shop and the Onoyama Park from the other. We serve Indian, Italien and Japonese bio food with local produce.

However, thanks to the Danish Lundromat Cafe in Copenhagen you can now unwind, slurp a few coffees and even go to bed while doing your washing. Opened in 2004, the store has fully assumed its role as a launderette and has a website with a sleek design. Serving almost everything you would want from a café: cake, coffees, milk shakes and more (more wines and 40 types of beer).

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