Call Santa for Real

You call Santa Claus to reach him.

Get Santa on his phone number. Turn this holiday into a special experience with a cheerful phone call from Santa Claus or his magical elf! To prevent abuse, you may only make one free call. That'?s what there's an app for.

The information shall be transmitted

Going through a billion deeds every winters has become untenable at the Arctic Ocean. Twilio is assisting Santa this summer to better communicate with children of all age groups. This information will only be shared between you and the teams at the DPRK. Please provide your telephone number, e-mail and a good period of your stay to get a call from Santa's helpful.

This information will only be shared between you and the teams at the DPRK. You' ll get an SMS from Authy Phone Verification to make sure you have your mobile at hand. Well, we don't want you calling your aunt or uncle. Twilio apps make a call at the moment you specify.

You' ll want to make sure your kid is close at this point. Twilio text-to-voice reads a transcript and asks your baby what he or she wants for Christmas. The call will be recorded and sent to the e-mail account you provided. Send the e-mail with the admission button to other members of your household to enjoy the game!

But please keep in mind that anyone who has the record links can hear or downloaded the call (and forward the links to others) unless you ask us to do so. Information on how to ask our server to remove your call can be found in our data protection declaration.

Following the telephone call, an SMS from the Northern Pole is sent to the telephone number via a programmable SMS.

Get on the Santa's hotline.

This your first call to the Santa's hotline? Simply call the number above and let Santa answer the handset. Let your kid send Santa a note. Just give the telephone away and spread the Christmas spirit with the whole team! "The Santa's Hotline is so much enjoyable for our families.

Well, we take turns asking Santa for what we want. "I waited (impatiently) for my girl to be old enough to be on Santa's hotline. Yeah, she liked to call Santa this year. Thank you Santa Claus!

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