Call Santa's Elves

Get Santa's elves on the phone.

Boy Scout Elves love to take themselves - or, as we say at the North Pole, on shelves! Plan the call and then a squeaky harmonious eleven will call at your pre-determined time. Try your best to do the right thing so that I can offer you something very peculiar for Christmas.

Try your best to do the right thing so that I can offer you something very peculiar for Christmas. I' m gonna fly all the way from the North Pole to your lounge on Christmas night. Happy Christmas, my dear!" "A long listing of all the men and women who want Christmas gifts.

I am so proud of you and tell my elves to make a very peculiar present for you. Happy Christmas!" "I' m just reviewing my schedule, and I hope you've been very good this year. The elves work very hard to make games for good guys and good guys all over the globe.

I have some idea for something really something just for you, but you have to write me a note with your listing so that I can get it right. Happy Christmas!" I can' come to your place to give your Christmas present when you're not sleeping. You want Christmas presents, don't you?

I and my rentier will be there very soon, and we will keep your gifts under your trees right next to the milks and biscuits you've omitted..... Well, you skipped off your milks and biscuits, didn't you? Father Christmas gets very starving when he rides all dark on his big sled, you know! Jolly Christmas and lovely sweets, little one!"

Get me the North Pole.

These Christmas toboggan chimes ring and so does Santa's telephone. Let your children call the big man themselves and tell him what they want for Christmas. Santa Claus sends a Christmas message to his North Pole garage. We will also send you a record of your child's wish lists by e-mail, which you can send to your friend and relatives and spread the word about the pleasure of the year.

Your familiy can accompany Santa Claus on Christmas Eve for even more vacation enjoyment, as he makes shipments all over the globe. Select 1-700-CALL-SANTA from 17:00 EST on December 24.

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