Can I make a website for free

May I create a website for free?

There are no custom domains you can use, and your free website will contain ads for this website builder. Can I create a free .in or .com website?

Type the name of the website or organization you want to set up. Try to stay away from icons and follow these instructions: How to select a name! Then you can click on the verification button and type in your token number to get your free domains.

You can' t own a free .in or .comomain.... Your own free of charge website and web site can be created. However, with web hosting, you can't get .com or .net free anywhere on the web. An easy, step-by-step YouTube videosutorial to create your own website completely free of charge, complete with registry and host.

It is the easy way to make your own website with your own list of domains for free. Use free web builder to construct your website with, etc.. Considered as statical sites, many examples free available in on-line, but you need to adapt the pages in your coding. Ideal for all sites - you need domainnames and hostings.

So if you don't want to build a website that ends with either MS-Wordpress or Blogger - then you have to buy the name. Find your free website at There are others - Look on the net, you might find better of them. Several of the free web host sites allow you to build a website that does not have aomainname.

However, you can make it possible by making a sub-domain that you can link to your website. If your web hosting is, for example, "X Domain" (which is not a true web hosting), it can generate a sub-domain called "Page on" that you can use for your website. So, if you want to get your site accessed, all you need to do is enter "Page on" in the header of your website.

Web host own the "X domain" and it is their responsibility to make and remove any kind of sub- domains. No, it is not. You can get .tk,.cf, etc. for free... these are a TLD, so you can't get them for free unless the web host gives them away or you have some kind of voucher.

Both BigRock and GoDaddy are holding some competitions to give the winners free domain names. Try to take part in these competitions.

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