Can Wordpress be used for a Business website

Is Wordpress suitable for a business website?

Worldpress developers basically choose a theme (probably chosen by thousands of other developers) that is the basic design for the site and use plugins to add functionality. Originally WordPress was created as a blogging platform and many of the themes are intended for blogs rather than business sites. We have several plugins that we would like to use on our website. You can use WordPress for simple blogging or complete website content.

Do not use Wordpress for your business website!

Meanwhile, you've probably done your research on designing and developing web site agency sites, and now you've seen all the awesome advertisements that tempt you with the promise of a creatively reactive Wordpress site for less than £400, which seems like a lot of right? Well, before you log in, maybe you should ask yourself why Wordpress sites or any open sources are so inexpensive to do?

As you probably already know, Wordpress is a blogsite and without a shadow of a doubt the best blogsite on the web. The Wordpress developer essentially chooses a topic (probably chosen by tens of millions of other developers) that is the fundamental site look and feel, and uses plug-ins to adds features. What happens if you need to make changes or updates to your website?

Plug-ins, as already noted, extend the features of Wordpress Web sites, they are usually created by third parties that are not connected to Wordpress. And as a final outcome there are tons of plugs that have been created by guys for Wordpress, that sound great, doesn't it? Wordpress is vulnerable to hacking because it is used by billions of web sites, obviously posing a huge threat to your safety.

Wordpress sites are more vulnerable to hacking. Since Wordpress is used by million of web sites when a column can be found in the safety in a web site, it is very likely that it can be found in many other Wordpress web sites. More than that, but it is simple to differentiate whether a website is open or not, and robotics can browse the web for all Wordpress sites, which makes them much more accessible than a customized website.

Probably, with a Wordpress website, you would have to deal with its limitations, but if you have a custom website made for you, it is constructed around your needs! Usually this has to be done by someone who has enough engineering skills, which means they pay every few month for an update that would be useless with a custom website.

Browsing is talking market to improve your website ranking in browse engine, it's not an accurate science and there are changes in your ranking strategies required every times browse engine changes their algorithm. In this sense, it is important that your website is fine tuned in order to adjust to SEO changes, this is what tailor-made sites offer you.

Don't get me wrong Wordpress has got a few plugs to optimize your website to some degree, but if you want to take responsibility for your site optimization, it's best to use customized search engine marketing tools! When your website downloads quickly, your customer experiences will be better. Worldpress uses a bunch of plug-ins for web sites, if many plug-ins are used in one web site, this will slower the load speed of your web site.

I really do not knock Wordpress, as I already said Wordpress was not designed for the creation of web pages, they were customized to do the above. The open web sites (like Wordpress) are good for your own use, they allow the user to create a web site quite simply with minimum skills or web design skills.

If you do it right the first day, you won't be upset!

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