Can you have more than one website on Squarespace

Could you have more than one website on Squarespace?

Manage more than one location - Squarespace Help Allows you to administer more than one location from a Squarespace user interface. Every one has its own payroll plan. These guidelines show you how to launch a new website, move between websites, and setup your accounting. Please note: Each website, shop or site you build will be charged seperately. There are no multi-site maps available.

Please see our price list for more information. Please note: Websites are separated from domain names. For more information about using more than one domain in your Squarespace Account, see Administering more than one domain. Although you can sign in to and administer several websites with the same e-mail addresses and passwords, remember this: They can have their locations on different schedules and accounting periods.

Currently we do not provide rebates or multi-site planning. Every new website begins as a try. For Squarespace Circle members who have created or contribute to at least three Squarespace pages, you will receive a 20% rebate on new website and shop subscription. Only the first payments on a yearly plan are subject to this rebate.

In order to apply for sign-in permission to an already existent Squarespace page, please ask it to ask you as a participant. Create a collaborator (for a group of two people, plus the page owner) on the site's own itinerary. Create an infinite number of participants in other invoicing schedules. Sign in to a Squarespace site.

Click Make Site in the upper-right hand corner of the account dashboard. To launch your new evaluation version, click Launch with [Template Name]. A new test page opens and you can begin to add your own contents. Once you have begun with a website, launch a test version when you are done setting up your website.

Load this affiliate into the website you wish to submit as a collaborator.

Login back to the site owner's active site user login to assign site property rights. Toggle between pages while you are signed in: The dashboard of your dashboard shows all websites and domain names associated with your site. Websites shows the miniature picture, titles, associated domain names, and bank statement of each site. To see all your domain names associated with your profil, click Domain.

To open your linked Web site in the same browsers tabs, click the miniature image of a Domain. If you are an admin, you can delete test pages that have elapsed or are associated with your site as well. Contribute to at least three Squarespace web pages and find out more about Squarespace Circle, our expert application software.

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