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Wordpress canape theme

A bold and refined theme, Canapé has been developed for restaurants and food establishments looking for a classic, elegant look. A bold and refined theme, Canapé has been developed for restaurants and food establishments looking for a classic, elegant look. First Steps The canapé is an ingenious theme for restaurant and grocery companies looking for a classical, stylish look. Present your menus and drinks and integrate the OpenTable Widget for simple on-line bookings. canapé theme title page templates present a focused home page for your audience, featuring full-width pictures, a section with tagged menus, and three widgets.

This canapé theme is fast reacting and offers a customized and enjoyable viewing environment on all equipment, giving audiences simple acces to the most important information about your company. You' ll want to begin by putting a picture and a compelling statement on your homepage and putting together your menus with meals or produce.

Append a cover picture and a text to your homepage: Include a featured picture and text describing this page - the picture will appear as the title of the home page in full width, and the text will appear in the Contents pane of the title page. Choose your new page from the drop-down list to make it the home page of your website.

If you click on Grocery Menus at ? click menus to enter section such as "Appetizers" or "Main Courses" and allocate title and description to them. You can click Append One Element or Append Many Elements to include single meals in your meal. To change the order of elements in the menus is as simple as drag and drop elements up and down.

If you want to make a new page and associate the My Website page with the default page, click ? pages. This page displays your menus and the menus they contain for you. Adds your Featured Food Menus section to your homepage: Select an available section for each featured section and load an uploaded screen.

While you can see the proposed size in the Quick Specs section at the end of this page, please be aware that all pictures should have the same width and heigth. Store your changes and review your homepage - it will show the selected picture and your section descriptions if you have added one.

An area for test menus, configurated under Customize Test menus, which shows three newest test menus. This section is not shown if no test reports are added. You can also disable this section on the home page under Customize ? Theme Options ? Front Page. There are three widgets areas on the front that appear side by side in column and are administered under Customize ? Widgets.

In order to create a full-width wallpaper behind the bottom, go to Customize Theme Options at ? Flooter, where you can load your own wallpaper and adjust the covering power. Note: The bottom logo shows the page name, the tags and the Social Links submenu. You can hide this section via Customize Theme Details at ? Foroter.

There are six widgets in Canapé: Dual option footing broadget areas. There are three options for widgets on the front page. When you use the OpenTable on-line booking tool, you can retrieve your HTML from OpenTable and use the OpenTable widget to insert it into any of the widgets areas. It can be added to show the information your clients need most - your office name, telephone number, hourly rate, and a Google Map of your area.

Easily include an images or text Widget to emphasize your customized contents on your home page. The Canapé offers three types of testimonials: On the title page three new endorsements are shown. On the special archives page for test menials, all test menials are shown in reversed order, with the most recent being shown first. Easily view your short code from anywhere on your website.

In order to append a test report, go to My Website Test Reports at ? Append. Easy-to-understand test reports consist of the test report text and the name of the client - supplemented as a test report headline. Every credential is shown on the credential archives page, which can be added to a custom menu via the Links panel.

You can further customize this page by attaching a caption, introductory text and feature dated images via Customizer ? Testimonials. These contents appear above the recommendation lists. Use Canapé to view your Twitter and Facebook contacts as symbols via a custom menu. You will see the html menu below the website's headline and tags in your bottom line.

Menus that have been added to the theme options should all be the same size and 345 width if you want to view three elements, or 590 each if you want to view two elements. Well, the Widget in the side bar is 250. There is a 280 in the footer Widget area or in the title page widget area.

Presented picture on title page and pages works best with pictures that are at least 1180 pixels high. Recommended pictures for contributions should be at least 765 width.

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