Cannot Add new Theme Wordpress

Can't add a new theme to Wordpress.

Can' add a new user. By default, the URL Add New User is used, but the button displayed is Add Existing User. Design was uploaded well, but when I upload the plug-in file, it fails.

Theme:: Can' t add a custom or a new design.

some things to keep in mind: Is your website part of a multi-site ecosystem? Can you verify that you are configured with privileges to add new users and themes? Have you tried plug-in conflict testing? Thank you Lisa..yes I am now registered as Super Amin. It seems that there is another management layer that I cannot use on the administrative part.

It' part of Multi-Site, I disabled all my plugs. Now I can add a custom but not a design.

How come I can't add or install plugins in WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most frequently asked question by beginners: "Why can't I add plug-ins to WordPress?" Normally it follows how the users see an update notification or that their administration area does not have the plugin menus. Here we will discuss why you cannot add or remove plug-ins in WordPress. is a blogservice that provides a restricted edition of the beloved self-hosted WordPress-program. Read our guidance on the differences between and for more detail. and users cannot download plug-ins unless they update to the WordPress buisness program, which cost about $299 per year. When you have a free, face-to-face, or premier subscription you cannot use third parties' plug-ins.

When you don't want to spend the $299 per year, you can move your blogs from to When you need help, use our free WordPress Blogs set-up tool (just make a point of transferring your website and we'll do it for free).

In the second most frequent case, you can see and open the plugin menus, but you cannot set up them. This error message is usually due to the PHP storage limitation. In your WordPress host and WordPress kernel, there are preferences that determine the amount of disk space a PHP script can use.

However, the fast solution to this issue is to increase the PHP storage limits. This can be done by including this line in your wp-config.php file: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','256M'); for more details on how to do this, please refer to our troubleshooting manual for WordPress depleted memories. The WordPress application comes with an integrated system for managing users' roles.

Occasionally, web designers do not give the board access to their client computers. Plug-ins can only be installed and activated by WordPress site users. Also, another possible cause why you can't see the plugin menus in WordPress might be that your site is part of a WordPress multi-site networking and the networking manager has turned off the plugin menus entry on networking websites.

It' almost the same as It is important that your administrators consider your servers health, WordPress safety, and burden sharing. In order to resolve this issue, you can ask your local machine operator to download and run plug-ins for you. Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful to you in finding out why you can't add or remove plug-ins in WordPress.

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