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The Canvas is a very simple and user-friendly one-page site builder. Canvas? What is canvas? How can I use it? - Apps

The Canvas is a very easy and user-friendly one-page site builder. Are you looking for a fast way to tell the outside to yourself or your organization, and the website design is entirely Greek for you, or you just don't need a big and complex website - Canvas is exactly what you need.

How can I use canvas? Now you can make a page with: Is it possible to customise my website with Canvas? For each section of the site, you can define your own wallpaper and section in any order. In addition, you can select from several template options available for some of the section.

Your images can be inserted into the galleries area of the website and you can also use them as a wallpaper for any of the areas except the bottom. Video and coding are not support by the Website Builder. Is it possible to use Canvas to set up an on-line shop? Canvas cannot be used to build an on-line shop and has no section necessary for an on-line shop.

Will I need webhosting to be able to use Canvas? Canvas does not require hosted services. In order to link your domainname to the www web site, all you need is a CNAME entry for the www hosts, which is created by default when you buy an app from us. Shall I put canvas over your hosted?

When you need a basic page to present yourself or your company to the outside industry, Canvas is for you. If you want to build a website with sub-folders or sub-domains, embed some video, build an on-line store, or customise your website with your own coding, template, etc., you need a web host bundle.

Is it possible to use SSL for a website with canvas? You cannot use SSL for a website that uses Canvas and our standard (or premium) DNS. Will it be possible to delete canvas from my bankroll? Yes, you can delete canvas as follows: Click on Apps in the top right hand of your Apps Dashboard >> Tools >> Click the delete symbol next to your Canvas plan >> Click OK >> Click the OK symbol in the top right hand corners of your Apps Dashboard to validate your deletion.

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