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Because of all the features and their variations, like the portfolio, I like canvas. Canvas - Artillegence's versatile live processing topic Twelve customized Widgets - We've got all the needed ones you need for your application, from your favorite feed to your mail list to your favorite email address. We' d like to thank the great folks who share some of the most stunning ressources with the comunity. Even if you have found a problem or error, our quickest way to get help is to visit our Help Desk Tickets page.

The Canvas | The multifunctional HTML5 template

Excellent tech back up, great docs and you did a great gig when you commented on everything makes it very simple to customise, so thank you. It' s a great design, the functionality is great, the documentations are great, and from what I saw in the forums, the service is great. It' s a great model.

Superb artwork, really diverse and well drafted. Make anyone look like a designer pro. It is the most rugged pattern I have ever worked with. Periodic upgrades and improvements bring enormous added value. I have been using canvas for month and it has surpassed my expectation. Also, their assistance was great.

Because of all the things I like about Canvas and its variation, like the portfolio. There are so many different things I can do with this topic, and I am already using it for my forth website. Simply look for him in this topic, you will certainly find him. Surprising level of assistance, too.

Excellent client service. It' s astonishing to stand above these many commentaries, and they do it very well. It' a great add-on on their stunning artwork. Incredibly many functions. It' very handy that I can create many pages from my website with a consistent look.

The code that is described to perfection in the manual. Distinguished profesional and contemporary designs. It is very useful if you want to work on a prototype before starting a team. Superb graphics, great feature set and the latest update is awesome! Quick reaction, many functions, always available upgrades. Your name is honoured by this artwork, which is really a "canvas" for your idea.

This is an incredible set of fully customizable features that sometimes offers almost too much choices!

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