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The Canyon Independent School District, where we make lifelong success possible. Nationalpark Holiday Guide If, for example, you start from Las Vegas, you will want to select an edge that will most likely be the western edge because it is the nearest and most approachable when you are led from Las Vegas. When your journey begins in Phoenix, you will most likely want to opt for the South Rim.

You can then limit your travel plans so that you can concentrate on bookings for nearby towns, select trips from your selected town, and find out which direction or transport option you need to consider. As soon as you have determined from which town you will come, the choice of which edge you should go to is quite easy.

It can be an 8-hour self-drive, 10-hour door-to-door walk or a half-day flight by air or air. The South Rim is visited by five million visitors each year, up from one million each in the West and North Rims. South Rim, the centre of the national parks, is the place to find several visitors centres, museum, walking trails, vantage points and huts.

Southrim is a nice 4-hour ride just North of Phoenix. From Phoenix, a full days excursion, whether on your own or on a professionally organized surface excursion, lasts about 16hrs. Whilst there are some chopper trips from Phoenix to the South Riverim, it is more likely that you will find terrain trips or a combined self-drive to nearby cities such as Williams or Tusayan and a train or chopper to the South Riverim.

Loneliness of the smaller crowd on trail and camping sites and the tranquility of the lack of choppers, planes and business trips are as appealing as the spectacular view from the north. North Rim is most easily reached from south Utah such as St. George and Kanab or north Arizona such as Page and Jacob Lake.

Get ready to go on your own or take a scenic trip through the Upper Canyon, which begins beyond the North River in Lees Ferry. On the western edge there are lodgings in two places near the edge: However, due to finite facilities, many travellers look for accommodation in Kingman, Laughlin or the famous Las Vegas.

Or you can go east and see the South Rim and stay the following night in one of the nearby cities. The reservation of National Park lodges usually requires 12 months' notice. In the high peak part of the year, you may need to look beyond the South Rim to Flagstaff (90 miles) or Sedona (120 miles).

The North Rim has few accommodation facilities, but your quest can be far and wide. Your accommodation will be available at any time. There are two alternatives on the Kaibab plateau, but with the North Rim peak summers these confined accommodation is quickly sold out. It' s a maximum of 150 mile, which is virtually a stone's throw away on the huge North Rim Land plateaus.

Excursions take you to the Hualapai Tribal on the western edge by bus, plane, helicopter as well as bus. When you arrive, you can include adventures such as the Skywalk, a Colorado River cruise and Horse Dogs. Complete a scenic route with a stop at Hoover Dam, a technical wonder and historical symbol on the Arizona-Nevada state border.

There are two types of South Rim tours: firstly, South Rim Tour, which is a tour that a visitor undertakes to get to the South Rim, and secondly, South Rim Tour, which is a tour that you can undertake as soon as you get to the South Rim. The former section offers all-day trips from Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff, mostly with privat transporters and minibuses.

When planning to explore the North Rim, you can look to go driving yourself rather than taking a trip, unless you have the funds to rent a tailor-made trip or take a week-long trip through the wider Grand Circle - the nature reserves and marvels of southern Utah and north Arizona.

The majority of those who fly into the area from different parts of the world or the county arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which is only 3 hrs from the South Rim within the National Park. From Phoenix you can take a Phoenix to Flagstaff then Flagstaff to the South Rim or Las Vegas to the South Rim, but you are restricted to the shuttle's timetable, it' routes and destinations.

It is recommended that these guests take a guided visit. Take a full days round cruise with return journey from your hotels and enjoy all the attractions on a convenient journey. You can find details here, but basically the quickest and most dependable year-round itinerary from Phoenix is I-17 to Flagstaff, then I-40 W to Williams, then following Highway 64 to South Rim.

When you are on your way to the South Rim, take Hwy 93 towards Kingman, then I-40A towards Williams and signposted Hwy 64N to the South Rim.

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