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Discount code Canyon Voyages

The Canyon Voyages Adventure Co. offers half-day, full-day and multi-day river cruises on the Colorado and Green rivers around Moab, Utah for you and your family. Make a nautical adventure around Moab when you rent a boat from Canyon Voyages Adventure. SUPs, kayaks and canoes are sold at reduced prices! The Canyon Voyages is your gateway to experience everything that Moab, Utah's natural playground, has to offer.

Moab's best do-it-yourself activity

With our high value white-water gear for white-water rappelling, paddling and renting canoes, you can experience a do-it-yourself experience on the banks of the canal. Significant risks are associated with all adventurous sports or activities related to nature, which include white-water sports, sea water sports, paddling, canoeing as well as camp sites. You have to pick up your car between 9am and 12pm and return it by 5:30pm on the same date.


The SUP has quickly become the most rapidly expanding aquatic sports event in the equator. SUP is an activities, with limitations, that can be used by persons of different size and qualifications. We' ve put together this beginner' manual for SUP to help those new to the game understand the fundamentals. You will receive a clean, dried handbag when we get together for this journey, in which you can put your things.

We' ve broke this wishlist into boat needs and campsite needs to hopefully help with your packaging. White water canoeing can be a funny and inviting experience for the whole team. But before you jump into some of the most radical riversafting tours in the wide open water, it's important to know your skills.

Whereas canoeing is often used by humans as a generic concept for canoeing, the construction of boats, equipment and paddles vary greatly. White water canoeing is an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by both children and grown-ups. Below are five hints that we suggest you follow to make a funny and safer pedestrian white-water adventure with the children.

White water white-water canoeing can be an adventurous experience for most age groups and ability level. When you are currently considering your first white water river running tour plan, there are a few important things to know before you set off to make sure you have a safer and more enjoyable outing. Canoeing is a lot of fun as well as more approachable than most folks think.

Safe canoeing is easy and in many ways similar to the general level of security when walking and camping. However, there are some special sports advice that can help you prevent problems. Plan a trip to the Moab area and seriously consider camp on the stunning Colorado River.

Colorado River has crossed the Moab area, creating breathtaking gorges and rocks that shine against glimmering rocks. Camp on the Colorado River, encircled by lofty rocks, is another memorable adventure Moab, Utah has to provide.

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