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Upload Cara template Wordpress

Sign in to the WordPress Dashboard. Installing WordPress with the Zacky Installer In order to use WordPress, you must: Select WordPress as the CMS you want to use. Select all topics and plug-ins you want to use with the CMS. Please use WordPress. WordPress is currently the most widely used CMS.

We have created an simple way to easily deploy the CMS on your website.

So without further fuss, let's go through how to get WordPress installed gradually. Here you have the possibility to select between the different CMS's (WordPress & Joomla only if you use free hosting). It is a WordPress installation tutorial, so click on the WordPress picture. Our installation program includes some topics and plug-ins that you can download at the same time as WordPress.

Click the design you want to use if you want to do this. The next thing is the plugs. When you like some of them, just highlight them and they will be reinstalled for you. You can select your own domainname, a new one or a free one.

When you already have a domainname, you can select it from the dropdown list as shown in the image. Select your page name, fill in the admin profiles and click Next. Once you are sure that everything is as it should be, click the Apply Now Buttons! You just learnt how to set up WordPress.

With WordPress on your website, are you interested in what WordPress is?

WorldPress backup and restore topic settings

Once you've taken the trouble to specify a number of topic choices, it's great to be able to quickly back up your topic choices. A lot of designs have integrated this feature, but for designs that don't, here's a Plug-n-Play excerpt to make a Backup/Restore theming options page. See the technology in operation in my ShapeSpace topic (100% free and open code WordPress launcher topic).

It is a fundamental technology that uses a PHP class-level to build a Backup/Restore Option page in the WP Admin. Once you have added the source the Appearance window will contain a "Backup Options" shortcut that will take you to the Backup/Restore Option page. There you can save/export the design choices as shown in this screenshot:

If you need to recover your prior setup, use the Restore/Import button to choose, upload and use your image setup as shown here: And if that is something that would be useful to you, continue reading to find out how to deploy and adapt it in your own WordPress topic. In order to deploy this backup/restore technology, open the features of your topic. PHP script and add the following code:

// ajouter_theme_page($page_title, $menu_title, $menu_title, $capability, $menu_slug, $function) ; page = add_theme_page('Backup Options','Backup Options','manage_options','backup-options','backup-options', array(&$this,'options_page'))) ; add_action("load-{$page}", array(&$this,'import_export'))) ; header('Cache-Control : page=backup-options'))))); exit; $options= unserialize ($this->_get_options()); globally $wpdb; new backup_restore_theme_options(); As added in the source file, this technology is gantry export and import option and there are probably other plugs that work similar.

Once you have included this in the function template of your design, process the single entity of shapeSpace_options with the name of your design choices. But if your design has no own choices, you can still see how it works by substituting shapeSpace_options with any existing WP databases choices, such as widget_recent notes or active_plugins.

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