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Further data on carbon can be found here. We introduce Carbon, the next generation of Weebly. Entrepreneur, dreamer and doer, it's Carbon meeting the next age of Weebly. A complete re-launch of our Carbon site, Carbon offers a range of new features to help you expand your online businesses, improve your website and tell your stories to the rest of the family. Carbon gives you more punch and greater controls than ever before, packed into the fun-filled, engaging draft and drop experiences you like.

Carbon has many new features to explore, so let's make some introductory work. Take the whole wide open space to your website with the all-new App Center, a vibrant set of applications and utilities that you can now easily integrate into your website with one-click integration. High-performance e-commerce applications such as Shippo and Switch give you new management leadership while applications such as Event Calendar and Poll Creator help make your website more vibrant with advanced features that embed directly into your pages.

As a growing developer and innovator team works on Apple Center applications, new applications are constantly being added to help your website expand like never before! You can access the Apple Center at any point using the new Applications tabs in the Items pane.

We' ve redesigned our 21 top topics and added three breathtaking new ones, Oasis, Paper and Slick, making it easier for us to create a nice website that is totally original to you. Updating your site is as simple as a click, and all your contents are transferred smoothly, meaning your site will always be up to date with the latest web page designs without having to worry about manually updating.

You can find all topics in the new topic gallery. It' simple to try any design, but if you want to keep your old design, there's no need to push to change it. Redesigned Dashboard is a steroid statistic that gives you a one-stop place to keep tabs on key performance indicators for your company.

You' ll find an easy-to-scan survey of important activities such as traffics, purchases, blog commentary, and orders, all summarized in Maps. It will make it simpler to evaluate website trend, better understanding results and finding new growth possibilities. Our latest mobile app development features full creation of pull & fall websites on all your mobile phones and tablets.

It' the portable adventure you've been looking for. Now you can build a website, shop or blogs on iPhone, iPad and Android phones while tracking all your activities on the new portable dashboard. Better yet, run your company from anywhere with an enhanced wireless e-commerce expertise for all your equipment that lets you handle and execute orders, adding items, checking inventories, receiving alerts when a new order is placed, and accepting instant pay.

We' ve developed 9 all new Weebly items that allow you to put a number of extra functions and functions on your website. All the new items are free and can be easily added to your website through the App Center. Among these items are: price chart, crew maps, call-out boxes, call-out boxes, desk items, accordions, tabs, text strings and counters.

Using the Element API, anyone can build new element for Weebly with Mustache, LESS and Javascript. We also bring a full range of RTEST-APIs to market, including OAuth2 integrations, webhooks and views for your website, e-commerce and blogging. Included in Carbon is an improved themes search Engine that allows you to adjust the HTML structures of areas such as navigators, blogging, shop front, products pages, memberships and Mustache template pages.

We' ve set up a new Developer Center where you can learn about the documents, as well as the current issue of the application programming interface (API) references and downloading examples of apps and topics that add value to these new features. Weebly Carbon is the third from Weebly ( the second was introduced in 2013), so we have chosen a name that began with the letters "C".

It is one of the most interesting and diverse elements: not only is carbons the foundation of all living things on this planet, they also have a variety of uses; they can make diamond, coal fibre or leadite. Thought it would be the ideal name for the third of Weebly' generations, one that includes enhancements in styling, an application centre eco-system, state-of-the-art portable applications, a dashboard that helps you administer and expand your enterprise, a new developer environment, and thrilling new features.

The Carbon is the climax of many long, exhausting working days and collaborations between the San Francisco, Scottsdale and New York team. We are really proud of Weebly's latest development and look forward to making a small contribution to the growth of your company.

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