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Understand SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder

In contrast to other SAP SuccessFactors deployments, Career Site Builder deployments can be performed by a Recruiting Marketing/Career Site Builder Consulting Professional with minimal help from SAP Professional Services. In comparison to recruiting marketing, implementing Career Site Builder significantly shortens the period of deployment. A Career Site Builder deployment allows you to directly engage with your deployment partners and see a site previewer when they upload to the Career Site Builderool.

For example, if you have a basic request with a voice rolled out, a Career Site Builder deployment can be completed in just a few short months versus the 16-20 week timeframe for a conventional recruitment marketing deployment. Deployment periods may differ for different tongues and different brands.

SuccessFactor's SAP SuccessFactor Consulting Management clients planning to introduce CSB will benefit from the advantages of SAP SuccessFactor's SAP SuccessFactor Consulting services include SAP SuccessFactor's SAP SuccessFactor Consulting and SAP SAP SAP SuccessFactor Consulting. Using real-time job synchronization, you can publish recruitment management job in real-time to Career Suite Builder. If you are a successful applicant, your career site can be seamlessly and interactively linked to the recruitment management with a unique log-in.

Similarly, the recruiter SSO enables recruitment professionals to gain insight into recruitment analysis and create recruitment campaign with a point of use. Starting with version 4 2016, it is no longer necessary for SuccessFactors Recruiting Management to use CSB. Alternatively, if you have a different candidate tracker system (ATS) in place and want to take full benefit of the Career Site Builder, you can deploy it as a standalone workaround.

Remember that you would loose real-time SSO capabilities for job synchronization, candidates, and recruiters by using a third-party ATS. SuccessFactors recommends CSB as a free recruitment management software package to make it easy for your recruitment teams to get started and work from one single source. The Career Site Builder is a highly reactive site builder that allows your pages to resize to your user's display area.

There is no extra set-up needed to make the Career Site Builder fast to respond and it can be displayed on any PC, tray or phone. The fast-response website and wireless application allow job applicants to submit job offers simply and smoothly. The Career Site Builder also includes Site Kit selections that are best practices template.

Use the Site Set as a base or build your own site templates. Note that you should make this choice at the beginning of your deployment because you cannot switch to another Template Mid deployment. If you modify the Site Map, you can overwrite the current site settings.

Our consultant will check samples of the Site Pack and allow you to point out functions that you like or dislike. Even though the site packs are template files, there are several ways to customize them to suit the look and feeling you may be looking for.

It is recommended to include your in-house marketing/branding teams in the Career Site Builder deployment as they can have a significant impact on the overall site layout. Include them early so you know what your promotional materials are, or whether new photographs or artworks need to be made. For example, picture size should be agreed in beforehand with your sales people.

Implementing the Career Site Builder does not involve the use of stick pictures, and it is important to remember that the company's corporate identity may not be 100% consistent. You are advised to use a subdomain of your home page to host the career page. Before implementing, we suggest that you submit a complete checklist to your consultancy group.

This will inform you about the number of participating jurisdictions and integration in your recruitment processes. Career Site Builder has many advantages. There is no need for a physical maintenance asset to run the Web site because your HR system administrator for SuccessFactors can administer the Web site contents and site component in the Admin Center.

In this way, you can keep your information up to date and accurate, and there are no extra charges for changes to your contents as would be the case with a conventional recruitment marketer' s deployment. It is also a gain with a Career Site Builder deployment. Faster and with no engineering resource, your new location can show your vacancies in weekly instead of monthly terms.

As a result, costs are dramatically reduced and you can begin to market and attract new talents much earlier. If you have any queries or would like to launch your own Career Site Builder deployment, please feel free to do so.

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