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Select the Catering & Chef. Website template you love. Nick is a powerful, creative and modern multi-purpose website template with three refined demos.

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Managing a catering company demands specialist expertise in the cuisine as well as a pronounced love of detail and budgeting. However, when it comes to web designing, the qualifications are somewhat different, and without tech know-how, catering companies of any size have no option but to hire a skilled (read, expensive) web designers to bring their shop on-line.

Catering website templates can give you the expert designs you need, finished and packed, so you can go right on-line, for a minute fractions of the costs of a webdesigner. The templates are pre-designed for you, specifically for the needs of the hospitality and grocery industries, so you can get a custom look for much less money, with all the chimes and pipes that come with our templates as default.

Food Service website templates have been created by professionals in graphics design, then split by experienced programmers to make sure the templates are installation proof or easily customizable if you want to modify any of the items yourself. All our design is fully reactive and meets web standard, for a trouble-free website that works most efficiently for your company and your clients.

Grab your copy now and get your finished catering website today. Arts & Cultures, Pet & Domestic Animal, Designs & Pictures, Electronic, Holiday, Presents & Flower, Educational & Book, Busines & Service, Automotive & Motorbikes, Sport, Outdoor, Travelling, Food & Drink, Computer & Interior, Social & Folk, Home & Familiy, Entertainments, Games, Property, Health & Medicine, Web Sites.

It is good for eating and drinking, restaurants, servicing, architecture sites and interiors. Destined for grocery deliveries, cafes and restaurants, dining and beverages, web sites and architectural sites. Developed for café-restaurant, dining, decoration, architecture, jewellery, trendy web sites.

Cafeteria - $49

The operation of a catering company in itself takes a great deal of effort, power and expense; the operation of a website and its functionality are costly and demand labour and skill from several individuals. Start-ups may not have the resource to reinvest in experts to rebuild their websites from the ground up, which would involve a minimum of one web design engineer, development engineer and graphics engineer.

The Royal Plate is a tasty WordPress design created by Pixel Industries. The cheeky mix of italic and serifless type and the use of neutrals and shades of subtlety create the ideal ambience for any business in the grocery world. We have 6 state-of-the-art homepage layout options, which can be used for features such as promotion, on-line catalogue or menus and others.

The fast-reacting website uses a parallel axis effect for a 3-D scrolling effect with the click of a button and a wallpaper movie that allows users to add clips to their home page. Ragweed has a choice of 3 different topics, one-sided, multi-sided (light) and multi-sided (full), with features such as booking, embedded videos and e-commerce integrations.

The Spoon WordPress topic allows WordPress customers to easily build boundless menu, event, product sale, blog, and more. It' s reactive design makes it easy for your site visitor to navigate through. Even though original and creative design is important when creating a website, your money could be better spent on producing quality foodshots and catering.

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