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Ch site Builder

Gain the support you need to create a professional website and expand your practice on the Internet. The CPA Site Solutions for Tax Consultants. The CCH Site Builder offers first-class web content for accountants and lawyers. The users of this website agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this messaging service.

Remove the complexities from your company's website.

Build a fully operational website in just a few moments with a straightforward set-up procedure. I' d like to see how easily it is to build - and revitalise - my own website. Remove the complexities from your company's website. Gain the assistance you need to build a professionally designed website and extend your online experience.

CCH Site Builder helps you improve your company's reputation, engage your visitors, and supply your visitors and prospective buyers with timely, actionable assets. Build a fully operational website in just a few moments and modify the look and feel of your website at any moment. Alternatively, work with one of our seasoned graphics artists to build a tailor-made website that fits the specific needs of your website and your corporate identity.

Customise the look and feel of your website by adding your own logo, PDF s, pictures and customised pages. Safely file sharing with your customers using the built-in FileShare function or link to your CCH Client Axcess portal. Hosts your website for free with a customized domainname you select. Build customized e-mail addresses with high uptime and up to 50GB of disk per address.

Win new customers and better service your current customers. CCH Site Builder allows you to create the kind of rich website your customers want. Utilize extensive SEO tool (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your website rankings and bring customers to your website. Send your customers an eye-catching, personalised monthly newsletters to stay in contact, develop relations and enhance recommendations.

The CCH Site Builder facilitates the automatic delivery of new contents every single months. CCH Site Builder's powerful Web engines allow you to quickly and simply build your company's Web site with your free 30-day evaluation.

CCH Site Builder Review 2017

Out of the 2017 Review of the Website Builders for Accounting Firms. 2. The CCH Site Builder's smooth interoperability with other CCH Axcess apps makes it best for auditing companies using Wolters Kluwer apps now or in the future. Furthermore, the intergration with CCH Axcess allows companies to directly integrate the portals functionalities into their websites.

Building a website that is built for ease is a smooth operation when using CCH Site Builder. It provides a wide range of user template choices, and allows the user to include user-defined header, footer, backgrounds, and logo additions to the website. As soon as the user has chosen the website look, they can fully customise it to their needs.

CCH Site Builder's set-up procedure guides the user through each of the defaults contained in the Web site. Also, the deployment workflow's versatility allows companies to quickly adapt important information, such as company information and available service, and later adapt other pages. The CCH Site Builder provides an outstanding choice of off-the-shelf Web pages, and includes a Client Service Page, Information Center Page, Newsletter Page, Financial Tools Page, Links Page, and Contact/Information Page.

The CCH Site Builder provides a comprehensive set of contents of relevance to audit companies and customers. There is also a newsletters available where the user can adapt the contents to the needs of the company and at the same time respond to customer interests. Also, there are literally hundred of bookkeeping and taxation related items that can be included by the user in their daily mail.

More than 100 finance computers, among them mortgages computations, inheritance income taxes forecasts and many more. User can easily go through the available computers and select the computers they want to use. The CCH Site Builder provides free of charge site hosted domains where companies are able to use a customized name.

There are five e-mail account options supplied with the software, so customers can buy extra e-mail address if needed. User can build their own website and make changes, enhancements and revisions as needed. User is guided through the set-up of the website, where they can simply post a user-defined logotype or other corporate image tool.

The CCH Site Builder provides specialised website designing service for companies that want a more personalised website. Companies wishing to use these customer-specific service offerings can turn directly to Wolters Kluwer for a quotation. The CCH Site Builder also provides simple socially accessible networking opportunities where the user can select the socially accessible networking opportunities he or she wants to be connected to during the deployment lifecycle.

CCH Site Builder also includes the Advanced Setup feature, and customers can choose to buy additional advanced enhanced advanced features. The CCH Site Builder can also be incorporated into Google Analytics and provides useful information and statistical data to the user. The CCH Site Builder also provides other built-in corporate website features, such as the option to pay with PayPal via the Internet.

Integrating with the CCH Axcess portal allows the user to safely exchange data with the client. With the FileShare options, the user can save and load document, file and table data. There is also an e-mail marketer available that allows companies to internally generate and maintain e-mail listings, making it easier to send alerts and notices.

The CCH Site Builder provides good quality on-site technical assistance during our prolonged office hour, with free assistance from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. centralized. You can also send an e-mail to our customer service with a 24-48 hour response period. A good set of utilities is provided to help the user facilitate the website build cycle, with a website assistant that guides new visitors through the website's early build cycle, which the user can later modify or not.

You can also find demonstrations and an introduction movie on the CCH Site Builder website. The CCH Site Builder is an outstanding choice for small to medium size audit companies that are or will be using other Wolters Kluwer solutions. Although the CCH Site Builder can be used as a stand-alone tool, it provides extra features when used in combination with other related software as well.

The CCH Site Builder is available for 995 Euro. Package 00 per year, where subscribers can purchase Wolters Kluwer's extra service for an extra charge.

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