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Ensure that visiting your website is a memorable experience for customers and prospects, no matter what device they use, with a responsive CCH Web Manager website. To have a professionally designed website is no longer just an optional extra. To have a professionally designed website is no longer just an optional extra. Their customers and prospective customers just wait for it. Sign up here for a free 30-day evaluation and make a great website for your company - the easiest way!

Produce a fully operational website in less than an hours with a straightforward setup procedure.

Pick your web site from an assortment of web site designs, themes, and colours. You can use preset Wolters Kluwer pros, modify them, or substitute them with your own. Get an exhaustive range of high-performance interacting instruments to help your customers conduct fundamental investment analysis. Join the experts for dependable and accurate taxation information on the Internet - the latest sector information is regularly posted on your website and updates are automatic.

There are also extra options for adding rich, high-value tax-relevant information to your customers. Design your website yourself or let us do it for you. Do our free 30-day test ride and create your own test website in less than an hours!

You already have a website? Apply our expert tax-related contents to your current website and keep your customers up to date with the latest information - every single visits to your website. Make the call today 1-800-268-4522 and see how you can keep your website up and running with minimum fuss and offer Wolters Kluwer value-added to your customers.

CCH Site Builder Review 2015

Auditing company auditing system. Audit or consulting companies that are small to mid-sized and currently use Wolters Kluwer US GAAP software solutions, such as CCH Axcess Portal, which can be directly integrated into the solution. Strong points of the product: The CCH Site Builder is integrated into the CCH Axcess portal, offering the user extra bookkeeping and finance administration features such as the possibility to share sensitive data and other documentation.

The CCH Site Builder has been offering web sites for bookkeepers and taxation experts for years. The CCH Site Builder provides companies with a good choice of website template files that can be quickly filled with text to get a website up and run quickly. Wolters Kluwer also provides customized web designs for those who want more individualization.

The CCH Site Builder has a number of default pages and functions that can be quickly setup and modified as needed, among them the following: CCH Site Builder is risk-free for 30 consecutive business day periods, allowing the user to verify that the CCH Site Builder is suitable for them. Navigation through the system is simple because the user performs all system editing and maintainance through the dashboard, which provides a number of tabbed pages that include select site style, dashboard, company information, newsletter, financial tools, links, modules, site design, and color options.

To set up their website, visitors can pick from a range of different fashions, headings, navigational buttons, and colour choices. Otherwise, the user can decide whether to just change the theme. As soon as a theme is selected, the user can type in company information such as contacts and freely create their own logo, photo, video and other items.

Information Center allows the user to quickly and easily insert related information such as an event schedule for both fiscal and corporate business activities. Also available at an extra charge, premiums include a Financial Planning Toolkit, a Business Owner's Toolkit and the CCH Taxi Guide. There are several different subscription methods available, among them the option to subscribe to our website every single months.

User can also include elements such as tax alerts and tax briefings. A built-in e-mail marketer allows companies to create and maintain their e-mail lists with ease and to send newsletter, alerts and other information every month. More than 100 computers are available, among them Cashflow, Key financials, as well as Visa and Visa plans.

You can add hyperlinks to related information, and both national and state warnings can be directly incorporated into the website. User can also hyperlink to Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn and PayPal's smooth integration allows companies to simply withdraw customer payment directly from the site. The CCH Site Builder works with Google Analytics and other Google Analytics site optimisation tool.

The CCH Site Builder provides free of charge site hostings, where the user can select a user-defined name. All in all, five e-mail accounts are contained in the fee, further e-mail accounts are available at an extra charge. The CCH Site Builder is a good option for those who use Wolters Kluwer tax and accounting software and is available in four different packs.

CCH Site Builder starts at $785. You can also register for a free 30-day evaluation to try the system without the need for your payment details. Integrating the CCH Site Builder into the CCH Axcess Portal provides the user with extra bookkeeping and finance administration features such as the possibility to share sensitive data and other documentation.

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