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Zerberus App

The Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to restore your relocated, lost or stolen Android device. Make sure you install one of these anti-theft applications before your device is stolen. Zerberus anti-theft device The Cerberus is a full anti-theft solution, the best security you can get to restore your relocated, missing or stole Android equipment. Not just a "Find my phone" app or telephone tracking tool, Cerberus has many one-of-a-kind functions that make it the ideal app to find your mobile telephone or tray, ID the crook and get your unit back.

If you install Cerberus and test it for a free full month, you can buy a licence for your user in the app or via the web thashboard. There are three ways to secure your equipment. That' the "three heads" of Cerberus: The app uses the Administrator privilege.

Using the RCU allows you to carry out many surgeries on your missing or stole equipment, such as The Cerberus can carry out automated action when certain requirements are fulfilled. It sends e-mail/SMS notifications when the subscriber's phone cards are replaced (see the "SIM Checker" section in the Preferences) and sends you a picture of the heist by e-mail when an incorrect release key is input (see the "Automatic picture recording" section).

There you can configure Geo-fencing (notifications when the telephone leaves or joins an area) and many other automated operations and notifications. Starting from the app setup, you can activate some features that make it harder for the crook to deactivate or deinstall Cerberus. Ensure that you activate the "Device management" function and the "Protect devices management" item.

You can also disable the Power Menu to stop the robber from powering down the unit, and disable accessing the padlock display panel so that no one would be able to modify the fast setting in Lollipop (Android 5.0) and later releases. Once you have your unit root, you can deploy Cerberus as a system app and get many extra functions, among which full deinstallation security (Cerberus will live through a default reset) and automatic GPS activation when you begin to track the unit.

This app works even if the phone does not have an international network access thanks to the text message service. When you have an Android Wear Smart Watch, be sure to look in the "Wearable device" section of the App settings: you will find many useful and fun functions.

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