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Age limited models in this collection are not displayed. Activate the age-related content search to display all models. Best 8 sites for CG, Animations, Gaming, VR, AR & more - Featured in best quality VR models

This website offers an abundance of high-quality low and mid-poly 3-D models for sale. Here you will find the best free models in 3-D. With more than 1500 asset records and a selection of 700 makes to choose from, Hum3D claim to have the biggest models of cars, electronics and weapons in the globe.

If you want to order pre-made pictures of your bought models, you can also find useful clip art pictures to work with in Photoshop. The Sketchfab is a favorite tool for anyone who wants to post or find 3-D models on-line, but it has recently opened an on-line shop for developers who want to monetize their work.

If that' s not enough, the shop has a uniquely designed "Model Inspector", a high-performance browser-based 3-D viewer that allows every facet of a 3-D design to be checked in the field in near-real time. As a result, there is no need for guessing when buying customer 3-D digitized data on-line and authors can present their models without the need for large amounts of collateral.

Depending on the type. KGTrader is a premier online graphic arts collection and the biggest creativity resources for CG graphic, VR, AR and game. CADTrader provides tens of millions of 3D assests, available for sale, in everything from high-end high-end models to low-poly models. They can even find a choice of free low-poly 3-D models. As well as the low-poly models, CGTrader also provides tens of millions of professional, high-end 3-D models.

There is a wide choice of ready-to-use models for CG project, visualization, animation, gaming and VR. Prices: vary according to models. TurboSquid lets you browse the broad spectrum of category and thousand of 3-D models used by gamers, marketers, architects as well as creatives around the globe. Prices: vary according to models. With Project Felix and Photoshop CC - in addtion to million of pictures and artwork - Adobe Stock offers a choice of 3-D models, lighting, and custom effect material for Adobe Cloud members.

Customize the illumination and material of the 3-D asset to get the right angle for your imaginative work. Prices: vary according to models. With the acquisition of the MM Library, Digital provides a further 1,200 fully texted, high-resolution models in 3DS formats for those who want to produce real 3-D-arts.

Archives cost US$599/approx. 440 for 16,500 high-quality models in OBJ-size. It costs 199 US$/ ca. 146 (100 $ if you buy from the archive). Models can then be further refined by pricing, appeal, polygons usage and data types. Prices: vary according to models. VFX Boutique in Manchester Gelato Visual Effects has just released a new VFX Visual Effects boutique that will deliver benefits to everyone in the VFX business - an on-line 3-D scan shop.

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