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This video will show you textures / formally known as CG textures. CG Texture Search The search for a texture is relatively simple. Failure to agree to these terms constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions or your purchase, download, display, or otherwise use of CGTextures products. Complete PBR materials with diffuse, normal, displacement, reflection and other texture maps.

cgtextures. com

which has a very good selection of high definition and free textures. Textures have been taken from the website authors, so there is no issue of property. "The use of any of these textures is permitted only under the following conditions: The sale of 3-D model bundles with modify texture version is allowed" More detail and frequently asked questions can be found in the licence.

And there are some great Photoshop Tutorials that are really good to watch.

50 Free 8K PBR Textures from Texture Haven Downloads

Environmentalist Rob Tuytel has introduced Texture Haven, a new Patreon-funded on-line resource that offers free high-resolution textures under a licensed version of CCS0. More than 50 pieces are available at the date of publication, and cover a wide variety of environmental material. As the similarly titled HDRI Haven - whose creator, Greg Zaal, seems to support the effort - Texture Haven is a ripple-funded on-line asset sharing repository for the state.

This case involves scanning textures from " between 150 and 250 photographs " of the initial physical interface and capturing them on a Nikon D5300 cam. In PhotoScan, the rough pictures are then transformed into 3-D prints and Blender is used to create outlines. In addition to creating standardized Diffus, Reverse, Bump as well as Specular charts, the Smart Map produces Plot Reports for Normals, Displacements, Ambient Occlusions and Rauheit, which are currently available in JPG or PNG formats with a resolution between 1K and 8K.

When you like the asset, you can help Patreon work - at the moment of release, the website has reached its financing target and is $125/month away from releasing the next target of four new textures per months. Texture Haven's entire asset portfolio is available under a CC0 license that covers the use of Texture Haven in business applications.

There is no need to sign up on the website to get textures.

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