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About cgchannel. com contact and general information. Marchoset delivers Toolbag 3.05. Tools now support user-defined geometry of the lattice, even if the lattice does not fit, while an enhanced lattice misalignment should help keep the lattice from coinciding when backing intricate geometries.

Further changes included the ability to specify the range of tangents used when backing on a net base instead of having a unique setup for the scenes; and backgroups are now ordered in alphabetical order.

Furthermore, the cards are now scanned multiple times, and there is a new scan feature of x64 for better anti-aliasing. Further changes included new Roughness and Advanced Microsurface shutters that help emulate the way actual surface reflects natural lighting - and, in the corresponding PBR shielding messages, the Metalness/Roughness workflows are now activated by default across new material, as distinct from the Specular/Glossiness workflows.

From now on we deliver our product Mouldbag 3.05. Toolsbag 3.05 is available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS 10.12+.

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Interviewee: The Next V-Ray and the Future of Rendering - CG Channel

The CG Channel talked to the Chaos Group CCO Lon Grohs about what next affected the decision behind the launch of v-ray, what kind of issues or problems V-Ray is having now, and what could come for the next steps in making renderings. CGC: How big is an upgrade compared to V-Ray 3.0?

We even discussed whether it might be a 4.0 issue when we arrived at 3.5 and 3.6. However, while that happened,[we had developers], for want of a better explanation, tore up the code: what they referred to as 'breaking the SDK'. A part of it was to get away with [legacy code], like the old adapter Sampler.

It' been kept in 3.x if anyone needed it to be consistent with an old scenario, but there is only the newer variant sampling in Next. We' ve also added SSE 4.2 instruction assistance that works on more advanced CPUs, and we have our own customized Intel Embree Ray Tracing Libary that accelerates everything from proxy to Motion blur.

Provides raytracing speed, clean scanning, and precise rendition with V-Ray Next Scene Intelligence.

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