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As soon as you have registered, you can log in here: Start your web browser and open the page http:l[cgtextures.

com. The CGTextures site is dead, a new Pay-for-Premium site has replaced it. I just downloaded from CGTextures.

Get more pictures, get larger pictures.

Get more pictures, get taller pictures. You can use premium credit to get more and bigger pictures. More than 6500 seamless and more than 1700 masks. Buy premium credit to get the highest definition downloads. You can subscribe with a simple login. According to which schedule you buy, the login can be used by 3, 5, 10 or 50 concurrently.

The IP address automaticly has the higher rate and all other subscriptions advantages. _GO ( Only available with our 5000 credits subscription). Your subscriptions allow you to upload pictures in any available format. Premier credits are recharged each and every calendar month so you can get the pictures you need during your 30-day planning lifecycle.

Premium credit that is not used will not be transferred to the next cyclic. At the end of the plan the premium credit will be zeroed. Buy a Credit Pack if you need only a few pictures or if you need to get them only from time to time. A credit package remains effective for 3 years.

If you buy a recurring plan, your plan will be renewed as soon as it ends (your PayPal balance or your debit will be charged). Cancellation is possible at any date, it remains effective until the expiry date. If you already have a current plan, we will take you to the My Accounts -> Subscriptions page, where you can extend or update your plan.

If you have an outstanding balance, it is not possible to make any payments while the balance is outstanding. If you need help with your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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