Change Chrome to Dark Theme

Chrome is changed to a dark design.

For example, you cannot darken the Chrome context menus or the settings page. Click Menu > Preferences if you ever want to switch back to Chrome's default theme. Chrome's latest version now includes a native dark design that can be enabled by selecting "Dark" from the Design drop-down list in the Appearance Settings pane.

To activate the night blues on Chrome OS

Being someone who has spent most of his watch days gazing at one of the few monitors, my favourite thing to see in recent years is sleep time. Under Windows, Android and iPhone, end user can press a button to select the color scheme of the color scheme on their monitor.

If you are exposed to too much of this sunlight at dark, it will be much more difficult to fall asleep. Luckily, Chrome also has the ability to switch to overnight use. It is available in the Chrome OS robust channels, so there is no need for the user to get involved with potentially faulty sofware to make this possible.

This requires a detour to the Chrome page instead of just pressing a flip switch in the preferences. The Chrome Web Store has some enhancements that replicate this function, but if you use it as part of the OS, the function will be more robust and less likely to affect your battery run time.

To activate the function for Nightlight: Now open a new tabs and enter chrome://flags in the adressbar. Enter Daylight to find the set mode for the daylight. Below the preference, click Activate. To reboot the unit for the adjustment to take effect, click Reboot Now. Now you can use the switch for the evening lighting in the fast adjustment menue.

To change the night light setting: To turn on the night light, click on the lunar symbol. If you are willing to turn off the filters, just click the lunar symbol again. We' ve used this function without any problems on newer Chromebooks, but on an older machine the function may not be available or it may be less robust.

Will you use nightlight on your Chromebook?

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