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Google Chrome background change

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Googles will add Google photos for custom background in new tabs on Chrome Dev releases.

Google Chrome's development channels recently got a much awaited function. Chrome Browsers desktop edition now allows you to adjust your new tabs. You can use an existing Google Photos wallpaper for the new tabs in the Development canal.

For some time now, Google has been trying out the new tabs page. Previously, they presented a set of background pictures for the new Chrome Canary Islands building tabs. However, now it seems as if Google is trying to personalize your chrome browsing experiences by letting you use background pictures from Google Photos.

Early this weekend AboutChromebooks found a new change to Chrome's Gerrit that pointed out Chrome's new fitting-function. However there was no useful API of the features at that point. In fact, now Google Photo owners can specify their photos as a new tabs background in the development Chrome Browsers.

Whilst this is still in the process of being developed, its working release on the developers canal makes it clear that it will probably soon achieve the stability state. Currently, this function is only available in the Chrome developers release. You' ll also need to be logged in to your Google Account to be able to access your Google Photos.

Once you are logged in, you can go to chrome://settings/#ntp-backgrounds. If you activate the indicator, you can define any image as the background for the new tabs. Many Chrome enhancements allow you to adjust your new tabs. Perhaps it is the widespread use of these enhancements that has led Google to implement this function in Chrome.

No matter what it was, we can now look forward to our Chrome experiencing becoming more immersive and ontimate. Background adjustment is also not the only new feature in Google Chrome. Chrome Browsers may get a completely new look, so we can look forward to many new changes and enhancements.

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