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To change the Google Chrome theme with your own image When you want to use your own image for a chrome theme, you have come to the right place. Currently, if you have a Google Chrome theme, you can actually mess with it to make it a little more personal. For example, you can change the standard text color and even change your Google Chrome theme to use your own image!

The first thing you need to do is make sure you actually have Google Chrome on your computer. Otherwise, simply dowload Chrome and reinstall it. Stage 2: Get a proper text editing tool that is different from the default Windowsotepad. If Chrome is already present, you will need to add a design.

Every theme is enough, because we will soon adapt it so that you can upload your own pictures and so on. Just go to the Chrome Web Store, find a topic you like, and click on " Join Chrome". Stage 4: For this next stage we need to find the file with your theme.

When you have activated hiding elements, you can then browse to the following location, but substitute "*username*" with your own username: If you are a Mac OS user, then open the terminal and enter the default settings, enter com. apple. find appleShowAllFiles YES to show hiding elements. Then, browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions to find the Chrome extension folders.

Stage 5: Once you are in the above location, we need to find the design you just install. Last is your new design. As soon as you find this location, double-click it to open it, and there should be a versions location. Open this subfolder by double-clicking on it, and it should contain a manifest.json in it.

Modify "manifest. json" with your favorite text editors and you should see something similar to the following: We are interested in the "Theme" section, which contains colours, pictures, properties and shades that you can freely modify and adapt. However, it's not clear what each of these points means, so take a look at Google's document.

However, the colours are uncomplicated, they change the colour of the text and are in RGB size. Stage 7: To change the theme picture, we need to look at the "images" section of manifest.json.

Pictures themselves are saved in the "images" subfolder. Pick the picture you want to use and put it in the pictures subdirectory (in the same subdirectory as your manifest.json). After you have done this, change the manifest so that " theme_ntp_background" points to your new thumbnail. For example, if your picture is called "my_new_theme_image. jpg", change the Manifest line 29 to the following:

"Background_ theme_ntp_background": "jpg " Store changes to the Manifest Files and exit your Notepad app. 8: At this point, the changes you have made have no effect. Chrome requires you to apply your changes as a new theme. Open a new Chrome folder and insert "chrome://extensions" into the addressbar and press return.

Stage 9: Then click on the "Pack extension..." icon and in the opening pane, click Search next to the "Extension" home location. Search for the versions file in the topic's extensions list in the Search for Folders pop-up box, choose it, and then click OK. Steps 10: Click the Pack Expansion icon in the Pack Expansion Setup Options box.

Stage 11: Again browse to the topic directory (named with accidental letters) and you should see a new filename that ends with ".crx". Essentially, this is your new design. Now, we have to open this with Chrome. Right-click on the image and select Preferences.

Choose the "Security" property page and mark and copy the "object name" to the buffer that represents the precise location of the design's crash files. After copying this location, go to Chrome, insert it into the location pane and press Enter. You' ll receive a pop-up asking you to append the design to Chrome and click on ' Append design'.

But on the other side, when you get this far, you should have a new, personalised design with your own pictures.

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