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Only this computer Whiteness provides a neat, new look by adding a whiteness colour to the windows caption line, navigation pane, and Outlook e-mail message headers. Pale grey provides an intermediate level of detail by adding a pale grey colour to the navigation pane, the pane heading, and the Outlook e-mail message area. Darkgray provides higher levels of detail by adding a lighter grey hue to the navigation pane, the pane heading, and the Outlook e-mail message area. This also changes the colour of some areas, such as the Dashboard and the File tabs in the Ribbon, from the program's colour theme to darker.

When you want to change the design only on this computer:

To change or recreate a topic in Word 2016

While you can't recreate your own designs from the ground up, you can change your own designs to make your own customized designs. Begin by changing your theme colours and fonts: In order to customize a colour scheme, select Colors?Customize Colours. You can use the Make New Topic Colors dialogue to select which colours should be used for text or different graphic items in your work.

If you want to customize a theme, go to Fonts?Customize and select Font. You can use the Change New Theme Fonts dialogue field to specify typefaces - one for the headlines and another for the continuous text. Always give the new design a name and store it. Then you can pick this design from the User-Defined area of the Colors or Font menus.

If you have added to your documents and use a variety of theme colours, font types, and graphic styles-even if you haven't created them yourself, but only used them to organise your documents-you can share them as themes. Select Safe current Theme from the Theme drop-down list and use the dialogue field to give your theme an appropriate description name and store it.

Your design will then appear in the user-defined area of the Themes Menu. If you want to uninstall a user-defined theme, right-click it on the Themes menu and select Uninstall. Press the Yes icon to clear the design.

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