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Our flagship is Maisha WordPress, popular for its charity and non-profit features, professional design and adaptability. The best WordPress themes that are ideal for creating websites for non-profit organizations, NGOs, charities or other charitable institutions. ThimPress Charity WordPress Theme| Charity WP by ThimPress Theme Charity WordPress - Charity WP is perfect for charities, non-profit organizations (NGOs), fund-raising and fund-raising campaigns with exceptional and stunning functions. Many years of WordPress Theme & Plugin development expertise have enabled us to invest a great deal of effort in creating Charity WP with research functions and optimizing the user interface.

The theme has all the necessary functions for a charity website: campaigns/projects/causers, donations system, charity activities, fundraising, crowdfunding campaign for purposes or charity groups/organisations, call for voluntary workers, visions and missions page and much more. Featuring super-friendly UX, these functions give you the best full Charity WordPress website experiences.

Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP provides over 6 different home pages in different style and layout. They are all well placed for charities, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), fundraisers and fundraisers. The Charity WP theme comes with the stunning Demo Importer. After unpacking the theme, this nice function will install it for you.

One of the most important features of the charity website is the donations system. Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP's fund-raising system is powered by the TP Donate plug-in, also designed by ThimPress itself. TP Donate's Campaigns section is for individual plans/projects that you would like to ask for donations.

On the frontend, the "Donate Now" icon appears when you simply move your cursor over it, it will help your ad campaigns improverowdfunding. The TP Make a Donation option is also available, it is designed to collect funds for the entire website where you can see ID, name, date, paymentmethod, and donation progress as well as donor information or "Add new".

In addition, the preference section is very intelligent with detail adjustments to General, Email, Checking Out and Donations to determine how they are shown in the frontend. Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP is a very intelligent Charity WordPress Theme tool. Neither of the best-selling WP topics uses this heavily page built, nor do we.

The Charity WP uses the most beloved, lightest and most efficient Drag & Drop Page builder in the WordPress plugin folder - SiteOrigin Page Builder. Just click on the plugin in the plugin name. This intelligent choice makes the topic load much quicker Everyone knows that Google likes a quick load website! But WE DO it because we know that sometimes humans want/need to refresh your theme or switch to the latest trend theme instead of using the same theme forever, but such changes can mean that you loose your valuable time.

Charity WP does not require you to deal with this issue. In order to create a charity site, Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP was designed with perfect pixels. A simple and visually appealing adaptation allows you to mark your charity website without programming skills, this work will help you to devote more of your attention to your campaigns/projects/ concerns.

Color changes to suit your brand: This Charity WordPress theme comes with limitless color choices. It is possible to modify the look according to your wishes and your trademark many times over. We' ve designed this function for a better user interface - uploading pages to Charity WP will never be a nuisance for you.

This useful tool is immediately operational, with an appealing timer for your next big thing. Allows you to manage your own events: Subdivide your own actions into expired, running, and pending ones to keep full track of them and ensure your visitors don't miss a thing. Sale of meeting tickets: Get paid via PayPal, Stripe, or offline paying.

If you need a store function for the sale of items such as handicrafts, key rings or other goods to raise money, Charity WP is there for you. Design is fully WooCommerce compliant. It' really simple to get your charity website onto a truly international audience because the Charity WP theme fully support multilingualism with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate.

In addition, the theme also provides Right-To-Left (RTL) functionality to manage and react to user who are communicating with a voice from right to right. The Charity WP uses Mega Menus to provide the user with an incredible navigational sensation as this menus can show many different choices at the same aime. The WordPress theme is created with full portable help, which means that your website is not only perfect on the web, but also on your phone.

People can see the causes and donate on the web and on their portable device. The use of Charity WP is a great way to rank your charity website significantly higher in popular webmasters. You' ll make a wise choice to use the Charity WP theme for your charity website, and you won't be dissapointed by our support - GUARANTEED!

In our Changelog for Charity WP you can find out how actively we are involved in developments and enhancements. They don't want to use obsolete theming, plug-ins with imprudent designs, power, or coding qualities. - Solved: Widgetstyle for events 2. Big menu. Thim Framework plugin. Update designs use the Thim Core plugin. - News: Thim Core full screen imports and one-click access to your files.

Maintain plug-in and design. Registration Envato Update Plentium Theme and plug-in. Thim Framework plug-in to the new release. Thim Portfolio plug-in. - Fixed: Css. occurrence fault. Report donation bug. - Solved: Template donations (FundPress). - added: Concealed text will be donated if no date is changed to 0 - fixed:

TP event plugin when updating the design. TP Framework plugin when updating the design. - New: Plugin TP Events. TP Plugin Donations to Fundpress. Mobile menu. - Updated: Plugin TP Events. TP Auth. plugin events - Solved: Troubleshooting galleries when plugin Woocommerce is not in use. - Updated: Plugin TP Please contribute 1.0.8. - Download Update: Use HTML in your accordion.

  • Update: Plugin TP Please contribute 1.0.6. - Click to add: Configuration register card Current even. TP Plugin donations in your cell phone. - Fixed sensible movable formate donations. Updated: Plugin TPDonate, TPVent, TPVent, TPVent-Auth. Updated: Plugin TP Donations. Updated: Updated: Plugin needed. Widget-Thim: Widget-Thim: Widget-Thim:

Added: Megamenu. Added: Donations page (shortcode). Activate TGM plug-in on the latest release. Press Donate Socket.

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