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Namencheap and Godaddy are the website domain hosts in today's business. Lowest cost domain name registries Whilst you are looking for the lowest priced domain name registrar, sometimes the lowest is not always the best; and on the other hand, many serious domain name hosters (which you will need for your website anyway) will provide cheap or even free domain names when you hoist your website with them. That said, I've compiled a listing of the most inexpensive and serious places to get a domain name and/or a web site listing for you.

Most of them provide deal and webhosts. Bluehost, our #1 featured webhost (see below), is offering a free domain name with your webaccount during the first year. So if you are just starting out with a new website and need a hosted site subscription, you can't go wrong here.

Unless you have your domain name added to your hosted schedule, you must obtain a dedicated hosted service from a dedicated organization. BlueHost is a great budgetary hosted site for those who create a new website or new blog, and they provide a free domain for your first year when you get a Hosting Mystery account with them.

The BlueHost also offers free WordPress web site support, which is an important factor as many users create their web sites with a self-hosted WordPress web site. Free with the purchase a starter landing plan ($6.95 per month). NamenCheap is one of my favourite places to sign up a domain name if you just want to buy domain names and have your website hooked up elsewhere.

NamenCheap also provides its own hosted accounts plan. NamenCheap is a very popular and highly regarded product for those in the on-line recruiting comunity. Although many want to buy their domain names from one ISP and hosts from another; you can't do anything wrong if you get your domain name and use NameCheap to service them.

One very frequent thing that many on-line marketeers will do is buy their domain name at NameCheap and then host it at BlueHost. Get a free personal registry for the first year, with new signups. And with a massive ad spending base and nationwide advertisements (including the Super Bowl), there's no question you've ever even come across GoDaddy.

Whilst their pricing is highly competetive, you will be confronted with a number of different option for up-sales and add-ons, making the shopping process a little more complex than other alternatives. When you choose to get your domain name with GoDaddy, you simply stay with a normal domain buy and bypass all add-ons; this can accumulate and make buying the domain name very expensive.

Rebates (multi-year or repeated domains): Sign up 6 domain names or more and get only $9. 99 per domain and get a free personal domain name registry. Whilst they do not provide free domain names and their domain names are more expensive than other choices, their budget-friendly web site provisioning schemes make them a great all-in-one stop for domain name registrations and web site account holders.

If you decide to use HostGator for hosting, my advice would be to get your domain name somewhere else. Although not very well known as a trademark, Network Solutions was one of the first domain name registration firms. You can' t do anything wrong when you buy a domain name with Network Solutions.

Complimentary with the purchasing of the free of charge hosted service each year. Registration. com assumes a very uncommon procedure when it comes to ordering a domain name. You do not promote domain name price in advance and demand that the interested party registers with a username and passphrase before even receiving price information. has been in existence for over 17 years and has hosted the web sites of renowned customers such as Samsung, Wix and Fox News. has grown from being just a domain registration agency into a full-service business providing domain registration, web site hosting and e-mailing. Established in 1998, is an all-in-one domain, web host and e-mail vendor. Nefirms has very aggressively promoted and discounted new clients on the domain and web site solutions markets.

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