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In order to check your GoDaddy email on your iPhone, you need to set up your GoDaddy email on your iPhone. GoDaddy hosts your email for your website via the Internet, which is very easy to access. Checking Godaddy Email on the iPhone (with pictures) MedMobile is a non-profit organization focused on the improvement of healthcare in hard-to-reach areas. MedMobile is fulfilling its mandate by developing, deploying and assisting a collaborative SW-Kit to help healthcare professionals in the local communities deliver outcomes. Thank you for having helped us to fulfill our missions, to help others, to help us learning how to do something.

Import a Go Daddy email into a Gmail account

When your small company uses GoDaddy as its website hosting, you probably have a free GoDaddy email alias associated with the website name. As the system works, you need to login to your GoDaddy email accounts if you want to perform activities related to your email, such as send, receive, or just check notifications.

What if you have a Gmailccount? There' s a GoDaddy email redirection method that lets you associate your GoDaddy email with your Gmail inbox. This way you can administrate your e-mail communication much easier and more efficient. As soon as your GoDaddy email is associated with your Gmail email client, you can email, check and retrieve email directly from your Gmail email client.

As soon as you have typed in your GoDaddy email, Gmail will ask you for your local mail delivery address. You will find your POP3 and Smtp settings there. Be sure to check your preferences again so you don't make any errors. Google Mail checks the preferences you've typed in. Now, any email you email with your Gmail will look like it came from your GoDaddy email.

When you are finished with everything, go back to the preferences page and click on "Accounts and Import". In the POP3 email list, click "Add a POP3 email account", fill in your GoDaddy email and click "Next step". On the next page you will need to fill in your email adress and your pass word. Don't select the "Leave a copy of retrieved message" checkbox or the " Always use a secure connection or SSL" checkbox.

Gmail sends a verification email to your GoDaddy email adress. Just click on the email attachment to finish the procedure. Sending a test email to your GoDaddy email to make sure your preferences are accurate might be a good idea. GoDaddy will try to make sure that your email addresses are the same.

Create a Gmail in your Gmail, then click the From Buttons to select your GoDaddy email adress. When the email is not sent, then one or more of your preferences are wrong and you need to go back and make a fix.

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