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To save your access data in the browser, tap the "Remember Me" checkbox. is the address for your webmail account. You can be sure that GoDaddy Webmail only works with supported browsers.

Learn how GoDaddy account and domain names are always stole one by one.

and I' ll tell you why. In order to give you a small overview, I opened GoDaddy e-mail alerts about extensions and recently acquired service. Every day I get at least 20-30 e-mails from GoDaddy regarding a wide range of different features, offerings and notifications:

A few of them come from the profit of e-mails from our sales. A few are e-mails bidding atuctions. A few are hints for the cancellation of domains. A few are domainname sales that end. Still, I'm getting some e-mails. However, this one of these days I checked GoDaddy email to refresh my GoDaddy promotional code page with new promotional code.

When I was moving through the first 5 or 6 e-mails, I came to the e-mail picture you see below. In the beginning I didn't even think about this e-mail. This e-mail was similar to other GoDaddy e-mails I had opened and searched. From the beginning, I thought that this particular e-mail was an ICANN formal e-mail validation procedure that must be performed each year by registrants to make sure all information about registering a particular e-mail is up to date.

Is this an ICANN e-mail verifying notification? That was the big pink number one: Fake e-mail-adress! Recent reds were number two when I realized that the name of the off e-mail was GoDaddy, but the off e-mail used was "" instead of "", "", "" or "". A further peculiarity was that 2 pictures in the e-mail were not loaded properly.

The person (s) who generated this e-mail(s) also used an e-mail with a hyperlink under "24/7 Support": Goddaddy never does that. You use first and last name, followed by the bank number. I knew at this point that this was NOT an offical GoDaddy-Embassy. The e-mail below was checked again and again and there were more bugs.

I never click on such a link because I know that GoDaddy usually prompts you to log in to your site to check for an urgent problem or take corrective actions. Then there is the misuse of quotation marks if you should have used quotation marks or inverted commas throughout the e-mail messages.

To complete the whole thing, there are also some grammatical mistakes in the news. Yes, the e-mail also said that I had website service. I' m not sure what would have happen if I had just checked this in the GoDaddy phone ring. I estimate that my GoDaddy accounts and data would have been stole, which would have meant that precious domain names would also have been theft.

I' m a little bit amazed how these burglars almost perfect the GoDaddy e-mail campaign. Can' t tell you how many e-mails are sent every day and how many more blindly click on a link in the e-mail. You' re being tricked into an unfamiliar website that is nothing more than a fraudulent website that uses a completely different domainname than what was sent by e-mail.

Sometimes the domainname used has nothing to do with the trademark for which the individual claims to be. However, with a single click and the input of access data, both user name and passphrase, the information that the robbers can use against them is passed on blindfolded by taking over their accounts or sell their access data on-line to another entity willing to foot the bill for such a despicable act.

Then, to make things even more serious, another good thing why GoDaddy bank and domain names are getting stole is that most people use GoDaddy because their ISP hasn't enabled two-factor authentication, which has been available for nearly 4 years. As a GoDaddy client, I recommend that you enhance the safety of your GoDaddy user experience with the free 2-step verification process.

Just force you to type a password when logging into your GoDaddy login. We will send you the SMS containing the password via your mobile telephone. This means that the robbers after your GoDaddy accounts must be in your mobile in order to get into your GoDaddy area.

A further thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the SMS alert on your telephone is deactivated if your telephone is in a blocked state. I' ve also been told by folks who lose their account because they are telephones that don't deactivate SMS notifications that are sent when the telephone was blocked have also been robbed.

So do yourself a favour and turn off these SMS alerts on your mobile phones. Oh, and don't forgive the fact that your GoDaddy accounts use two-factor authentication. Other protection not often used by most GoDaddy clients who have their accounts and domain names stolen is the failure to set up e-mail alerts on their inbox.

You just sign in and out of your Moneybookers without ever learning about it. Unless crooks modify your sign-in information, they turn off e-mail alerts. Robbers do this to move domain names from your GoDaddy accounts while under the surveillance of ever alerting anyone. Sometimes, stored billing information is used to buy domain names and then move domain names from the individual's bank accounts to the thief's bank accounts.

Can' t say how important it is to activate your accounts alerts, change your passphrase from case to case, and use passphrases that are at least 10 chars long and contain alpha-numeric capital and small letters and symbols. Finally, I suggest that you always enter the email in your web navigator to log into your site instead of using email with phone tagging as your GoDaddy.

Don't neglect to follow the above instructions to help keep your balance safe while you're at it. Don't just take it for granted that this is an offical GoDaddy e-mail sent by GoDaddy because it looks like a GoDaddy e-mail. These rules apply not only to GoDaddy, but also to other registries.

Actually, when I entered the last line of this news, I just got another fake e-mail called " Action Required ": Check your e-mail-adress. "and it was sent with the name of GoDaddy and the e-mail adress of " ". Just sent the e-mail to . One of Alvin's great loves is for start-ups to dominate their markets by using lucrative online advertising and domains name trading strategy for more trade.

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