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You can now either search for "style.css" or directly check the topic there. Review your presentation and visibility and analyze security and performance aspects now!

Review the hot trends in May - the best-selling website submissions.

We' re constantly revealing the list of our most beloved items, and today we have selected the best-selling website submissions for May. Have a look at our choice of web technologies that are currently in vogue. Then analyse the latest designs of your website, find out what it is missing to be up to date and begin redesigning it according to the latest trends.

Pay attention to the scaleability of your website to the display in any desired scale. That is what fast reactive designs can offer. Improve your website's relationships with Google and other popular online and offline browsers. In order to prevent such a situation, you need an SEO-friendly desig. You should use a light weight theme to protect your site from high levels of rebound.

Our template helps you to do this because it meets the above standard. And if you need more inspirations, you can also visit the April best sellers via the links. Our first topic is directed at architects and architects, hotel owners and everything that has to do with shelter.

Topic layouts begin with a neat headline with a corporate image, under which you can see a full-width drop-down drop-down list and slide bar. Wellcome one of the most favorite web topics for your pages. Seasoned with immaculate paste colours, the designs look professionally. The one thing that offers such a possibility is an Owl Pusher that is used to show testaments, novels and messages at the bottom of the front page.

Focusing on the users own experiences is what this is about. The appealing design also has a smooth lay-out that contributes to a better mobility of your website and extends its range to a high. Obviously, this WP topic for properties has won the favour of clients because of its powerful optical and functionality aspects.

Optically, this designer stands out due to its pallax background, gentle over-effect, stylish typeface and colouring, which give the visitor a pleasant feeling. Regarding features, the topic is delivered with all essential elements, namely a filtering galery, a slide control, sound and visual choices, Google Maps, contacts and much more.

This WP topic is probably one of the most classy ways to create a custom artist album. Uses the most advanced technologies and web designing tools. This includes a translucent menubar, polygonal background, motion counter, para-lax effects, and a full-screen slide control with high-resolution images. When your web site has to do with high tech, economics, medicine or similar areas, this WP topic with a vertical and horizontal pallet matches its surface.

The use of shallow web site designs can also help to improve the user -friendliness of your web site. Browse our range of May best-selling website submissions to find an exceptional site for your area. Rather than the matt colours used in most industry topics, this theme is kept in light shades of either red or green.

Full-width sliders and a galery ensure that the company's service is well presented, while the customer's miniature view photographs make a testimonial look dignified. The Haber is an Invest Web Template created with a mixture of best programming practice. In order to communicate your entrepreneurial flair, the template has a slide control that combines full-width pictures with picture caps.

In order to improve visual impact, you will find both headers and footers with embedded linkages. Backgrounds are full-width, slightly muted to show the text contents in their best light. The template is built into the Google card so they can find their position and the most comfortable way to get there.

The Narayan is a graphical WP themes site that provides much to the user, from a galery, to sound and visual choices, to bars, preloaders, and parallel effects. It begins with a large heroes area and ends with large socially relevant imagery. Thanks to Cherry Framework's many different features, this versatile redesign provides a sound foundation for adapting your website to your needs.

Trust your enterprise portals with this fast-response template if you want to differentiate yourself in a highly competetive web world. WordPress is the best-selling WordPress topic, tailor-made for consulting firms, call centres, outsourcers and many other enterprises. Distinguished by the shallow web styling, which can be seen in vibrant colours, symbols, serifless type and whitespace.

Without the need for superfluous style detail such as ornamentation or cast shadow, the design enables clear information display and quicker page load. Review a reactive template for marketers, financiers, insurers, mutual funds, etc. Looks neat and easy, so you can keep your company messages clear and attract customers' interest to your objectives.

The topic is an intelligent option for WordPress-based sites in the field of sciences and technologies. There is an informational cover page with a list of products, commentaries, experience reports, videos, carousels and sliders with picture headlines and gentle transitions. Developed with Cherry Framework, the themes have a rugged control panel to manage both the front end and back end of your website.

Browse our May Top Site Topics compilation for a state-of-the-art template for web businesses, wireless carriers, TV broadcasters, radios and other communications service vendors. She greets the visitor with a corporate logotype, a drop-down list and an elegantly styled slide control, all presented against the backdrop of a classy cellular design. This WP topic is aimed at beauticians and physicians such as sculptural surgeries, massages, make-up artist, manicure and others.

The range consists of soft pastels that keep the overall look soft and pleasing to the touch. In addition to a good visual balance, the topic provides simple browsing via a drop-down headerset, hyperlinks to key site items in the bottom right hand column, and a back-to-top key in the bottom right hand column.

The word verdigris stands for dependability from a psychologic point of view, which is why different variants of this colour are used in this WP-topic. The front page features illustrative infoblocks, jQuery sliders, as well as socially accessible sliders and pixel-perfect symbols for various types of service. The multi-purpose topic is ideal for sites of managing bodies, PR agents, recruitment centres and much more.

It' s main features are ease of use and legibility, which makes it simple for clients to interoperate with your web resources. This appealing design is fully automatic, scaleable to displays with various settings and can help your website look and work great on all mobile equipment. Similar to the news type, this WP topic can help you to present your business as a serious business mate.

These selections of May's best-selling website artwork will prove useful for anyone who needs a state-of-the-art look. Trust the decision of our clients to bring their website up to date with the latest web site development technology!

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