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Assessing and selecting a WordPress topic is not for the faint hearted. subject examination Check Theme plug-in is an simple way to test your theme and make sure it complies with the latest Theme Check standard. While the Theme review teams use this plug-in to check topics and copy and past the issue into ticket tracs, the trace system has its own mark-up interface.

In order to activate trace reformatting in Theme-Check, you must specify some tags in wp-config. php: If one of these two tags is set, a new trace tick box will appear next to the Check it! icon. Release number is the date of review of the policies with which it was created.

Topic Check is conceived as an imperfect way to verify adherence to topic check policies. It is not necessary for all topics to comply with these directives. A lot of websites use custom designs, and that's fine. However, topics destined for use by the general public on many different types of websites must have a certain degree of skill to function properly in many different settings.

Topic review policies will be developed with this objective in view. The Topic Explorer is not and never will be perfected. It' s just a toolset to help topic writers or anyone else who wants to make their topic more efficient. Automatic Theme Checkers are intended only as useful tools, not as complete measuring systems.

It is not this plug-in that determines the policies used. All problems with certain policies for reviewing topics should be debated on the Make Themes website. "Topic Check" is open open software. Lots of changes by the Theme Reviews and others. New tests and update by Frank Klein added to Automattic. Updated most of the file types for better IP18N compatibility, so the speech file has been temporary deleted until the translated text can be retranslated.

Tintheumb check out. Correct charging of if18n. Improved open controls. End-of-line DOS/UNIX checking is now a prerequisite for correctly posting designs. A check for the latest footer injecting choke has been added. Synchronization of all changes made for the theme check of the vporg uploader. Added upgraded exams after 3.1. Screenshots check to vn. Shift unnecessary features from the checklist to main.php.

The last topic checked is always preselected in the topic listing. Text Domains check for 20th and no Domains. Added children theme assistance, tests against parents AND children performed at run time. The check of the menus has been added. AuthourURI ThemeURI was added to the results. Fixed embed_defaults filtering and validation of style sheet files.

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