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The topic can be given as one or two words that tell you what your book is about. If you are a parent or educator, you may find that the themes of children's books seem to be more important than those of adult books. Several of my favorite children's books had food themes, which is not surprising - and some of the books on my son's bookshelf are the same copies my mother read to me.

Dr. Seuss never dealt with 8 children's book topics

Everybody is reading Dr. Seuss, Judy Blume, Shel Silverstein and Maurice Sendak but there are tons more children's out there. In so much rivalry, some writers decide to deal with singular topics to set themselves apart from the masses. Need your kid to know more about the pharmaceutical world?

Well, The House that crack builds might be just the thing to educate them about everything from the operatives fighting in Columbian farmlands to drugs traffickers to streetheads. Whilst the book aims to show the evil of trafficking, it also does a good job of showing that it can help you become a drugs boss.

Perhaps you are a 420-friendly parental who does not want your baby to think that all illicit compounds are malign. Authored for 3-5 year olds, this book recounts the history of a young woman who smokes pot with her mother and father and is then taught about the plants and why grown-ups sometimes use them, but kids should never do it.

The majority of children's literature is aimed at those who have already been conceived, but Ma! There is nothing to do here! This is the tale of a small foetus who is waiting for the big moment when he can come out and see the big outdoors. While there are different views on when to get your child acquainted with honeycombs, Where Willy Went is a good place to begin for those who want to educate 4-7 year old people.

This book shows the semen of William and his arch -enemy Butch, who fight every single swim contest until William finds his way into the grand prix, the Eggs in Mrs. Browne. In the end the eggs become a little girls, but no one knows where Wally has gone until Edna begins to show the same qualities as the little semen.

Whilst the book does not cover all of a child's childhood education needs, the history of fertilisation is certainly enjoyable. Had one the opportunity, most babies would live on a dietetic approach of eating icecream and sweets. Luckily it pains when I shit it is to tell them why their nutrition can make it simpler or more difficult to make potties and why they should not keep in their poops too long.

Since Everyone Poops became an escape hit, children's writers have been possessed with talk about things that come from our butt. The book is specifically aimed at Brussels based kids, as the story is about the infamous bronzed sculpture of the little kid taking a piss. During his first unsuccessful experiments, he soon pisses on a tree, snail and more and eventually stands next to his dad at a Urinal.

Seuss actually included merged Gemini in his 1953 The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. show, but this book contains a brief story of famed merged Gemini and speaks about the medicinal causes of the disease. Whilst the writer goes into detail about how Thai Gemini differ from most humans, he also ensures that he focuses on how they are like everyone else in many ways.

Any of you ever buy any of these for your boy?

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