Chinese Themed Restaurant

Traditional Chinese theme restaurant

Imaginative theme based dining throughout China This is a restaurant based on jail cell design that was recently opened in the seaside town of Tianjin and has attracted a great deal of interest from both guests and the press. This was the first jailhouse restaurant in town. Holder said his wanted folks dine here to appreciate liberty and keep themselves away from crime, according to Tencent News.

Inside it is similar to a vault of freshwater or a thematic jail, and the cell sizes differ according to the number of clients in a group.

Beijing's 10 themed restaurants for a truly memorable event

You can now either lead a life in one - or at least try to reconstruct the adventure with your hosts. To the unknown, it is a Chinese drama or literature arts category that celebrates old protagonists and protagonists who are usually depicted as exceptionally strong and capable. Ordos Hotel Restaurant specializes in bringing its guests closer to traditional Mallorcan food and music.

In order to complement the adventure, guests are seated in round, wearable camping units - jurts - which many Central Asian municipalities, Mongolia included, use as living quarters. Amid the faint lights of the Yurt and inhaling the scent of the wool felt on the wall, one can easily believe that one is rather seated on a meadow in Mongolia than on a bustling road in Beijing.

Located in Inner Mongolia, this hometown has a disillusioning fame as a "ghost town". However, in recent years, the Chinese authorities have redoubled attempts to resettle the Chinese capital and shown encouraging indications that it is returning to life. Like the Ordos Hotel Restaurant, 99 Yurts offer a flavour of traditional Mallorcan cooking.

Admittedly, the price at 99 yurts is somewhat higher than at the first one. One of the highlights at 99 Yurts would certainly be the whole fried mutton that is cut up and serve in different ways. On only one single or two days you can enjoy the Mongolian and Moscow cultures.

Moscow's restaurant has the honour of (allegedly) being the first restaurant in Beijing to serve non-Chinese food. The restaurant has had such an influence in Beijing's past that the local people like to call it "Lao Mo", which has associations with something old and intimate. Minor detail is also handled with the greatest care to improve the overall enjoyment, even adding a touch of elegance to the soundtrack.

Indeed, the size of the restaurant was initially conceived for top Chinese guides who would eat in this unique room along with special silverware imports and delicate liqueurs. The restaurant is still a favourite choise today, especially for the older generation, for whom the ambience always evokes a sense ofstalgia.

Well-deservedly, as one of the most whimsical theme dining establishments in Beijing, and possibly the only restaurant in China you'd ever cross a train bridge to get to, even though you can't find a trench, KNIGHT AND MERCHANTS has earned itself a name. You may have already guess that this is a mediaeval restaurant.

Guests are invited to put on armour and swing a maces, a crest with impressive thick trumpets or just a giant savoury cup of Met for the evening. The restaurant, furnished in a reproduction of a Chinese 1980' schoolroom, has a politics (which it doesn't really enforce) of only accepting guests bred in the 1980'!

When it comes to dining, shoppers can look forward to a variety of traditional foods, among them omelets (which a waiter can offer with a distinctive face of smilie ketchup), aged ashi toffu, and barbecued el. Guests should be aware that photographing the girl is not permitted, but you can buy a 20 RMB (about 3 USD) photo.

The restaurant is called after the celebrated hymn, which is strongly connected with the cultural revolution of China in the 1960'. Dive into the stunning decoration with a life-size lorry and numerous Chinese flag. The Trojan Fairy is not included in this menu because the only topic we present is eating in the dark!

Simply get sitting next to each other and chat in a quiet voice - some guests have found that in the dark it is easier to get more attentiveness to noises. In the restaurant there are a few meals with the common loaf of cake, lettuce and broth, followed by a major course prepared with proteins.

When you thought Beijing was all about the Great Wall, think again! Beijing's never-ending dining, café and road -front stands will keep you occupied for good food.

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