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Chino Choir

The vegetarian restaurants of Chini Chor serve the best Indian dishes of the city. Chinese Choir - Indian - 348 Bath Road, Hounslow, Hounslow, Hounslow, London, Great Britain - restaurant reviews - telephone number

Because I always like to dine to be a relaxing moment, not the personnel hurrying to put more on the bill for chutneys, cucumbers and a dish of sambar, I wasn't eager to go, but Mom wanted to go for a break. Actually, there would have been a 1-star rating, except for the cheerful reception and farewell by the owners at the entrance and departure.

Bestellt sag and Makki ki rot, after 15 min the one employee said it was not available. Then I asked why and he said that the Kitchen is occupied with doing other things, how long do I have to delay 40 mins. I ordered Idlis instead, which are delivered with a cup of sample. Mama gesticulated three gestures to the waiters that we were still awaiting our own Nandoori, he confirmed every single day, but in the end no Nan showed up, he had forgot to order the cooks.

I wanted to settle the bill and as always the nana had been added to the bill, so I had to declare that we never got the nana, the woman distrustfully scan our desk but could see that we were right. Exactly. I told them how bad the experiance was, and she said they were employed abruptly, but it was not at all employed, they simply always run this and the Southall position on a skeletal personnel.

When a Sikh familiy ordered the saw and Mikki Ki Rodi to take away at the bar, the last thing came about 40 min later when we were for the first time informed that it was not available, they were otherwise informed that they had run out of saw. Chini Chor's food shop next door is selling spinach, so it could have been solved quickly.

Chino Choir

Get West London's Katy Clifton says a Southall restaurateur was fine more than 155,000 after officials of the board found employees dealing with groceries with unwashed palms and boiled foods next to a dirty pail of scoops. The Chini Choir, on South Road, was taken to trial by the Ealing Council's Grocery Security Department after the Ealing Council's two violations of grocery law.

Proprietor, Ravi Kumar Bakshi, on Monday (16 October) confessed in the court of Ealing Magistrates culpable and was ordered to foot more than 155,000 pounds penalty and cost of 2,810 pounds. Employees who handle food without washing their hands were seen during two inspection visits, and entrance to the wash basin was hindered by screens on the ground.

Boiled groceries were placed next to a pail of mops and groceries were placed in filthy cartons. Devices for the preparation of foodstuffs, such as a grater for cheeses, had accumulations of grime and were not correctly cleaned, councilmen found. Since Thursday (October 19) the catering establishment has a grocery hygienic one.

City Councillor Ranjit Dheer, member of the Ealing Council's Communal and Security Council, said the Southall eating out showed "no improvement" between visit.

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