Christian Event Themes

Themes of Christian events

In this article we offer some Christian themes for youth camps that your teenagers like. The summer time for youth groups means sun, fun and Christian youth camps. Tisch-Thema Event Ideas (Festival of Tables): Those cards remind you of who you are in Christ! Our life events and spiritual curiosity lead us to discuss issues that are close to our hearts.

Selection of an event topic

The choice of a subject is an important part of the event plan. Conferencing topics can (and should) influence your event management, event promotions, sets, speaker and subject selection, musicals, print and broadcast during the event. To put it another way, the subject is what connects all parts of the meeting.

Choosing a topic for an event Exactly what is the aim of the event? Are there any issues you would like to address at the meeting? As soon as your course is defined, you are prepared to develop a topic concept. In this phase you should come up with as many different suggestions as possible for your topic, which reflect the directions selected for the event.

Restrict the topics to the first two or three. On the basis of the feed-back you get from both internal and external target groups, select your topic. Take your subject. As soon as your topic is defined, concentrate on integrating it into all aspect of your work. When you have problems in the brain-storming phase, here are a few suggestions where you can search for topics:

Selecting a spelling code can result in an overall topic for your meeting. You can use a single words or phrases from these verses to guide your event. Matthew 5:16, for example, could give rise to a "glory" topic. Musical Christian songs. One look at the top 10 posters this weekend could take you to topics like "thrive", "do something" or "I Am".

Praise hymns can also deliver great idea for themes. Common topics. Now you can select a more general topic that can describe your withdrawal as a whole. Among others, some of the possible inspirations are "Ignite", "Marriage Impact", "The Journey" or "The Summit". What kind of ressources do you use as an event planer when you plan an event topic?

Themes for Retreat - NET Ministries

Accommodation and week-end results offer a more intensive return journey by taking youngsters out of their familiar surroundings and assisting them to reflect seriously on their relation to God. Young adults will take part in small group discussion, prayers and activity during the workshop to help the young adults take on their beliefs and deepen their relationships with God.

During the second part of the workshop, retreaters are introduced to hands-on activities that they can take to base their lifes on Christ (prayer, ministry, communion and sacraments). At the end of the workshop there will be a talk "Do not be afraid", followed by a period of praying in which the young adults will be asked to answer to the charity of God and to give their own lifes for Christ.

The NET Accommodation is not a lock-in event. You and the teenagers will be sleeping during the evening hour. Our experiences have shown us that NET's Accommodation and Holiday Return Trips are most efficient when conducted with groups that are small enough to be adequately overseen and ripe enough to deal with the length and depth of contents.

Our goal is to offer your youngsters the best possible retreat and we ask that all week-end treatments be restricted to a total of 80 young people in classes 9-12. When arranging an accommodation, please select a location where the staff will have warm shower facilities and at least two seperate bedrooms for men and woman.

Accompanying persons not required if the group is under 80 years of age and only in high schools. Homestay is in charge of organizing the food and accommodation needed for these Retreats. When there are no available places, please have the teenagers take bed linen or, as a last measure, consider returning home for the evening.

Guest congregations must also turn to a minister who is available for worship at the weekends. Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are greatly encourage for the night and week-end retreats. 4. If the NET trainer is calling to verify the detail (7-10 workingdays before the retreat ), please let them know that you want Holy Mass, Reconciliation and/or Worship.

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