Christmas Candy Crush

Xmas Candy Crush

Although I can't say you're not getting hooked on this Christmas candy. A cool Christmas soundtrack like Jing. Who' s the highest in the Candy Crush series? On May 3, 2018, I successfully completed 3321.

The Candy Crushaga is one of the most beloved gamblers. There are 240 different level versions of the episode. There are 3590 level in the Window 10 release. There are 189 Flash versions with 2825 steps. In addition, new level releases are made every Wednesday.

in the game: The Candy Crush has 5 different kinds of stages, 1 of which is removed: Ordering candy: Squash the number of sweets on the dash in a particular movement. A mixture of two or more different kinds of different layers.

Chrismas Crush

Might it be number one in the Christmas candyaga? FREE Christmas children, toddlers or adults sagas in which you blow up, crack, crush or bang Christmas faces like a blister before they drop to the floor and hit the timer. If you miss them, you will listen to Santa's cheerful words and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Squash Santa Claus as he falls to launch the BOONUS OF COWN ROUND, but beware of these snowshoes as you move on to the bonuses and giftsaga! However, be fast, the watch is on count down and timer runs out in the bonuses round. Candy Crush and Present Crush will give you a 5 point reward!

Think about it, the snowshoes finish their bonuses!


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