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There are 8 fun and festive Elf Party Games

Everybody knows that fairies like to help. It is also a good thing because in this play their fingers are bound and they have to work together to pack the presents. Split your parties into pairs and supply each pair with an empty crate and present boxes.

Let your team colleagues stay side by side and keep your hand in your hand. Well, then bind those gloves together. As soon as all your elves' palms are bound, send the starting signals. Participants must work together and only use their free hand to pack the present in front of them. It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is prepared to embark on his voyage when the fairies find a cargo of presents that they have forgotten to put on their sledges.

In order to get ready for this match, you will need a sledge and several packed cartons or present pouches (filled with silk paper). They can use a toysled or build their own toboggan by making a large decorative card. Put the toboggan on one side of the room and stack the presents on the opposite side of the room.

Playing a favourite Christmas carol, tell the fairies to rush and bring all the presents to the sledge before the carol ends. They can make this older children's challenge more enjoyable by distributing the presents in the room or by setting up an obstacles course that they have to negotiate to get the presents to the sleds.

Isn' there anything elfs like more than rubber candies? Challenge them to fill a dish without letting a drop of a valuable sweet. Put a rubber drop dish on the start line with each outfit. They have to run in squadron fashion to fill their empty shell with the rubber syringes from the full shell and carry the rubber syringes with the scoop.

It is the first crew to carry all their rubber sweets into their bowls that win the game. Wind several presents before the arrival of the visitors and conceal them in the room. Any gift can be an empty, packaged box, except one that contains enough jewellery prices for each visitor. Printing a wishlist of presents you have hid.

Announce during the celebration that the presents have been lost and it's up to the fairies to find them. Give your little fairies the lists of presents to be found (e.g. one big rote square, two small wei├če square with little arches, etc.). As soon as the fairies have found all the presents that are lacking, they should open the one that is full to receive their rewards.

In order to get ready for this match, you must have several different cardboard heights. Wind this case up and put it in a slightly bigger one. Wind this case and place it in the next bigger one. Gimme each of your fairies a set of gloves. Set a funny, holiday-oriented, elf-inspired turn to classical frozen dancing with this action.

If you stop the sound instead of freeze it, issue a order that the fairies must execute. Pack a present. In the course of the gameplay you can become even more stupid with the idea. No player is eliminated in this match, so all competitors can participate in the laughter.

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