Christmas Emoticons


In search of fresh Christmas emoticons these holidays? Don't look any further, we have all the Christmas Smileys you need here! A collection of Christmas Emoticons for Smartphones SMS Messages App, Mail App, Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail, Outlook, Forums or Blogs. Christmas emoticons find an excellent collection of Christmas icons that you can share with friends, family and the love of your life. Many Christmassy animated emoticons for use in email messages or Facebook status.

Smilies for Christmas

Wellcome to our Christmas Emoticons and Smiles page! Find some of the best Christmas Emoticons for MSN/Live Messenger, email or anywhere else. Enjoy and share your Christmas spirit with these free emoticons. Could these Christmas mojis and emoticons be made bigger? Dear Christmas mojis!

Dudes your Christmas mojis and emoticons are..... Chrismas is an anniversary celebrating the Nativity of Jesus on the day of 25 December. It is a very cheerful and unique season of the year when Christmas tree decorations, light and ornamentation are set up, greetings are shared and Christmas songs and bells are sung.

The Christmas season is largely marked by the exchange of maps and presents between boyfriends and girlfriends to inform each other that they are taking good care of them. Father Christmas is a beloved character associated with giving presents at Christmas. There are many celebrations of Christmas around the world. Independent of religions and faiths, a large part of Christians and non-Christians celebrates it as a culture celebration.

More about Christmas can be found at: Wikipedia. When Christmas begins, you just can't help it. Christmases are everywhere; on television, in the papers, in shops and centres. Why not add the Christmas spirit to your messenger and your e-mails with the help of emoticons and smilies?

Included in our Christmas Emoticons are Santa Claus, Rudolph, Christmas Tree, Presents, Gifts and more. Or you can make your own custom smilie or icons with our free on-line e-moticon creator, take a look! We' ve tried all these emoticons with MSN and Windows Live Messenger, they work great. Or you can use the code to add it to your email, forum, or community (MySpace, Bebo, etc.).

Remember that the real ghost of Christmas is the core and not under a Christmas-tree. Have a lot of laughs and laughs with these free Smilies.

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