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" I wanted to try an app for my cell phone that would help me keep up with my Christmas shopping list. Birthdays, holidays, Christmas, weddings and baby parties. I love that you offer an online, iPhone and Android application! Create a public list that everyone can see.

The Christmas list in the App Store

#1 Christmas List App in the USA - The Christmas List is an easy-to-use app that helps you organise your Christmas list and your budgets so you can waste less of your precious little hours purchasing presents for those you care about and more of your precious little hours being present with those you care about! Trace presents by doing, purchasing, sending, receiving and packaging them.

If you are processing a list, you can switch the state of several presents at once (for example, if you are packing presents, you can switch the state of these presents from bought to packed). Easy, clear view of purchasing progression plus budgeting. Creating a list of presents is as easy as writing (or even dictating) a notation.

Simply place each item name on a new line and the Christmas list will turn your memo into a present list. It' like Christmas magic! Quickly get started with your list by bringing in selected receivers from your current contact list. Simply use AirDrop, e-mail, iCloud Drive to view your list or send messages. As soon as you choose a shop for a present, The Christmas List will remember that shop and create a shop list for it to ensure you get everything you need when you're out and about.

As soon as you have created a present, you can copy it to other people in your list without having to re-enter the detail. While the Christmas list contains a list of the most beloved retail stores, if you don't see the list you're looking for, you can simply browse and search for your own. Even use your shop name with your own Moji.

Easily attach pictures for presents and persons from your picture libraries, clipboards, or cameras. Watch a count down for the number of purchase until Christmas directly in the app. Printing list directly from the app. It was always possible to change the state of several presents at once in the list by state (access via the Progress tab).

You can now do the list ings by individual and the list ings by business. Another new feature is the possibility to modify the shop for several presents at once. "Christmas list's solid better...with more choices and a simpler user surface. "Some of the best things about the Christmas list are the small detail that makes the app just right.

"Everything you need" "Well crafted and engineered and (best) simple to's my favourite present shopping app so far" Make sure you review the new Christmas stickers package for messages and the new personal icon choices on your list. Changes to the keyboard and list sum layouts for older releases of iOS.

" There' s nothing nastier than to buy several of the same articles, but in different heights for a pile of collegiate children and you can't exactly recall who you're voting for, but if you use this app, you can make this fast picture that you know exactly who you're going to buy for later, when you go through all your pockets, it eliminates the puzzling of which present is who: a great idea for a great deal of collegiate children:

Thus, just insert a name and click on a picture and later, when you wrap it up, type that name and you know exactly what you bought for the one you love;) Happy Christmas to you all!

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