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The winter wonderland of festive holiday puzzles. Utilize incredible power-ups to solve the puzzles and enjoy a fantastic Christmas puzzle holiday! Jigsaw puzzle, try to put together the most magical images of Christmas, snow, joy and glamour. Assemble the puzzle pieces into a picture of pretty Christmas ball decorations. The only way he will make his rounds to all the good boys' and girls' houses is when he has time.

Weihnachtspuzzle on steam

Run through the amazing Match 3 stages, gather the Christmas coin and get your home ready for Christmas with lovely decorations and illumination! Utilize unbelievable power-ups to solve the riddles and enjoy a fabulous Christmas puzzle vacation! Every new stage is harder than the last, so get ready for an exhilarating one!

Get your home ready for Santa Claus!

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Jigsaw puzzle game: X-mas puzzles

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Jigsaw Game

Christmas Puzzle 2017 with Santa Claus in the leading role! Pull the puzzle parts to the correct position to reproduce the picture. As you progress, the puzzle becomes more difficult! X-mas puzzle features: Free play at ? Sorry, this pack has a lot of Christmas photo in it. Photographs like Merry New Year, Christmas tree, snows and Christmas baubles.

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Puzzle Puzzle Christmas Balls

Assemble the puzzle parts into a beautiful Christmas ornamentation. To start, click the Shuffle icon. Move the figures to their place with the pointer. Click the right mousebutton or click the mousebutton and use the right or right arrows to turn the parts. Click the Preview icon to see the image.

You can use the Border, Center, and All button to arrange the figures. You can run it on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE 9 or higher. It' also optimised for iPhone, iPad and iPod compatible iPhone and iPod compatible units.

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